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Lynk & Co 02 crossover revealed

1st Apr 2018 6:00 am

New small crossover is an all-electric model; initially made for the European market.


Lynk & Co, the new brand from Chinese car firm Geely, has unveiled its new 02 small crossover at an event in Amsterdam.

The 02, which will only feature electrified powertrains, sits alongside the bigger 01 SUV and a saloon called the 03 in the nascent company’s range. The firm says that 02 will offer 'sporty' handling to appeal to a European audience.

The 02 will initially sold internationally by 2020 using the three-cylinder 1.5-litre engine from the Volxo XC40, likely in both hybrid and plug-in hybrid form. A full electric version is planned, but it unlikely to arrive before 2021. That will use the same electric motor as the forthcoming XC40 EV. Lynk & Co, which has the same owners as Volvo, began selling cars in China last year. It says the new 02 is central to its plans to gain a share in the European market.

Like the 01, the 02 is built on Geely's Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform, also used by Volvo for the XC40. The platform is highly adjustable, and the 02 has a shorter wheelbase, lower ride height and wider rear track that the 01. It also has stiffer rear suspension, to make it more sporty. The 02 will be offered in a range of two-tone colours schemes, with a limited number of 'personas' instead of trims.

Lynk & Co has put a heavy focus on in-car connectivity, with large touchscreens and infotainment systems, along with what it claims is the ‘world’s first in-car share button’. Lynk & Co models won’t feature traditional trim levels and options. Instead, the firm says it will offer a series of one-price collections.

Along with its other Volvo-based models, the 02 will be built at Volvo’s factory in Ghenk, Belgium. The company says that its models will be designed with European handling tastes, with an emphasis on being fun to drive.

Lynk & Co's focus on 'globally connected urbanites' was also shown by a new partnership with online designer retailer Tictail, who will work with the car firm on a collection entitled 'The City Dweller Series'.

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