Lexus customers can now enjoy easier ownership experience

Lexus customers can now enjoy easier ownership experience

29th Jun 2021 6:45 pm

Lexus India announced two new services, Lexus Life and Lexus Pre-Owned housed under what the company calls ‘Lexus Life’; the company says it will add more offerings under the Lexus Life umbrella.


With just four dealers across India today, Japanese luxury brand Lexus is certainly a niche player in our market. It has however been expanding operations and plans to establish centres in four more cities. Also, while it began its India innings with only CBUs, today it locally assembles the ES sedan and is expected to make the NX SUV here.

Further to this, Lexus has announced the launch of its new ‘service’ brand called Lexus Life. Lexus Life will serve as an umbrella for all of the company’s ownership initiatives and today, it detailed two such offerings housed within; Lexus Ownership Portfolio and Lexus Pre-Owned.

Lexus Ownership Portfolio

Lexus Ownership Portfolio is an amalgamation of various offerings spanning from service to finance. On offer are periodic maintenance packages – called Pro Care Service – that can also include general repair. They are available in 30,000, 60,000 & 1,00,000 kms for a 3-year tenure but Lexus will offer options customized to both mileage and tenure based on the customer’s request.

Also on offer is a road side assistance program that will additionally include support for smaller issues like tyre problems and refueling. Extended warranty options include a 2-year cover that is available over & above the 3-year OEM warranty and for vehicles aging up to 5 years.

Lexus will also offer insurance cover and bespoke finance services that the company says will be very flexible with the conditions and will also provide funding for the full ownership costs including service packs and extended warranties.

Lexus Pre-Owned

Lexus will also offer certified pre-owned Lexus cars which, apart from undergoing standard quality and safety checks, will also have the option of purchasing additional services from the Lexus Ownership Portfolio like extended warranties or service packs.

The pre-owned business is interesting, Lexus in India has a limited presence and thus the number of used cars available is likely to be very low. However, the company would be looking at its pre-owned business more as a means to manage the residual value of its cars and help retain customers within its fold.

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