Introducing Autocar Eve: celebrating women in the automobile industry

Introducing Autocar Eve: celebrating women in the automobile industry

29th Jul 2019 5:34 pm

From the CEO of Citroen and the design head of Mahindra & Mahindra to a professional stunt specialist and motorsport athletes; we take an in-depth look at the women behind the wheel in different sectors of the automotive sphere.


The Indian automobile industry is forging ahead in more than just technology, safety and emissions – more and more women are driving themselves, influencing car-buying decisions and heading major automobile companies. The Autocar Eve supplement – which comes free with the August 2019 issue of Autocar India – takes a look at how the tide is turning in what has always been perceived as a male-dominated arena.

In conversation with Linda Jackson

The CEO of Citroën speaks to us about her journey from high school to leading an international automotive brand. Read about her motivation and advice for women in the corporate world.

A chat with Ramkripa Ananthan

The head of design at Mahindra & Mahindra provides insights into the design process, ideas and cues picked up from Pininfarina, and more.

In the captain’s seat

Just how much do women in India influence car-buying decisions and how do their choices drive the automobile industry? We find out.


We bring you tales of five women who have made their mark and are motivating change in the world of motorsport.

Women in the workforce

How exactly is MG Motor India promoting gender diversity in the workplace? We take a closer look.

Creating action

Sanober Pardiwalla is India’s premier stuntwoman; and has featured in some of the most iconic action sequences in Bollywood cinema.

Women’s World Car of the Year

How did the award come into being and what goes into picking the winning cars? We go behind the scenes with the jury members for the inside story.

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