Garware launches paint protection film for cars, SUVs

Garware launches paint protection film for cars, SUVs

24th Oct 2019 11:56 am

The cost to fully wrap a car in Garware’s paint protection film will cost upwards of Rs 1.3 lakh; to also be made available in model-specific kits.


Garware Polyester, the flagship company of the Garware Group and a leading Indian manufacturer of polyester films in the country, has launched a Paint Protection Film (PPF) for cars and SUVs.

According to the company, the product is designed to deliver the highest level of protection and impact resistance, in clear, self-healing paint protection films. The PPF is manufactured using a specially formulated Thermoplastic Polyurethane film (TPU), which offers reliability and consistent performance. The film protects the vehicle’s paint from scratches, dents and damage caused by road debris and rocks, as well as from environmental elements.

Garware PPF is priced at Rs 675 per sq. ft. and is comparatively cheaper than competitive products, which are imported and priced at around Rs 900 per sq. ft.. The average PPF required to fully wrap a car would be around 200 sq. ft., which would translate to a total cost of Rs 1.35 lakh and would take around two days for an authorised workshop to complete the job.

Garware is working to introduce model-specific PPF that can be installed as per the requirements of the customer. This customisable option would cost around Rs 3,000-4,000 for safeguarding critical parts (bumper, wheel arches, door handles, ORVMs) that are more prone to wear-and-tear.

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