Ford to introduce pothole detection tech on the Focus

Ford to introduce pothole detection tech on the Focus

22nd Jun 2018 11:46 am

Cars like the new Focus hatchback that are equipped with continuously adaptive damping can respond automatically to broken roads.


Ford is about to introduce pothole detecting tech to its range of cars with the new, fourth-gen Focus hatchback for international markets. The technology is expected to be able to smoothen a car’s ride over potholes and broken roads.

The system comes with Ford’s continuously controlled damping, which is an optional extra, and uses 12 high-resolution sensors that can ‘see’ potholes ahead on the road.

Once identified, the dampers are automatically adjusted to their hardest setting, so the wheels that run over the hole rather than falling in. Ford claims that this reduces the impact as the wheel bounces back out of the hole, improving the ride and reducing the chances of taking damage.

The tech is claimed to be more effective at the rear, as there’s more time for the damper to tense before a wheel is confronted with the pothole.

This technology was first introduced in the US last year, and will be available in Britain when the first new Focus hatchbacks arrive in showrooms. Ford is expected to roll out this system on all Ford models above the Focus and will be standard in all models equipped with continuously controlled damping.

“Our engineers are always searching for the roughest roads to really test our suspension to the limit, but more and more we're noticing that the rough roads are finding us,” said Guy Mathot, vehicle dynamics supervisor for the new Focus. “Potholes are a problem that isn’t going away any time soon but, with our advanced suspension technology for the all-new Focus, we've been able to reduce their impact.”

In India, where saying potholes are a chronic problem is an understatement, this technology would be a boon to vehicle users.

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