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Faraday Future teases production line-up

6th Apr 2016 7:00 pm

New Electric mobility company teases a total of up to five vehicles for production.


Faraday Future's latest teaser shows the silhouette of a rakish SUV crossover, similar in shape to the Tesla Model X. Although it appeared discreetly behind the FFZero1 concept at the Formula E sponsors' Long Beach booth last weekend, the teaser was first released on Faraday Future’s Twitter channel in January.

A few days earlier, the brand released a video which lauded its variable platform architecture and showed the potential variants using the same underpinnings, under the heading ‘Potential – to develop many variants’. It is here where multiple variants can be seen, including an SUV crossover, a large SUV, an SUV coupé and a low-slung sports car. The title suggests that these are merely an aim, but Faraday Future’s close ties with Aston Martin and partnership to create the RapidE along with LeEco show the brand’s determination to put a car of its own into production.

The sports model is of particular note, after Faraday Future revealed the FFZero1 concept at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. It’s likely that the sports model will borrow technology showcased in the concept, if it reaches production.

A video from Faraday Future also previewed the SUV crossover’s shape in shadow back in December; the frequency and longevity of this car’s appearance suggests that this may be the first model to hit the roads. An earlier teaser, released in November 2015, shows the SUV crossover model in front of a smaller car, which appears to be a high-riding hatchback or a small crossover, similar in size to the Nissan Qashqai. Typically for a teaser image, there are very few details, so the car’s appearance is still mostly shrouded.

Jimi Beckwith (Autocar UK)

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