Datsun Go to get airbags

Datsun Go to get airbags

20th Mar 2015 7:00 pm

Nissan has confirmed that Datsun Go hatchback will get driver side airbag.


Nissan India, parent company of budget brand Datsun, has confirmed to sister publication, Autocar Professional, that the Datsun Go hatchback will soon come with driver side airbag. The airbag equipped model will go into production starting next month at their Oragadam plant near Chennai.

Although this move comes just months after the Go failed the Global NCAP crash tests, the Japanese carmaker has played down rumours of the move only taking place because of the fallout from the car’s failed test. Nissan has said that the plan for an airbag feature was made right at the beginning of the Go project.

The driver side airbag on the Datsun Go is likely to be only on the top end T trim.

Back in November 2014, there was a huge furore after the Go scored a zero in the crash tests. In fact, official statements from the testing body, and the FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile), directed that the vehicle in its current state of construction be taken off the roads, and off production lines too. Even though the lack of airbags was a major issue, the testing authorities were more concerned with the car's structural rigidity.

So now, though the Datsun Go will benefit from the driver airbag, how far will it help the Go's overall safety credentials, needs to be seen.

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