Car maintenance cost comparison Part 8: Entry-level hatchbacks

Car maintenance cost comparison Part 8: Entry-level hatchbacks

28th Oct 2020 5:50 pm

A detailed study on the overall maintenance cost of cars over a 60,000km span. Part 6 covers the entry-level hatchback segment.


After Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7 of our maintenance cost study, here’s Part 8 comprising of entry-level hatchbacks.

  • Maintenance costs calculated over 60,000km

  • Entry level hatchbacks maintenance costs compared

  • Factors in service life as well as cost of parts and labour (ex-Delhi, inclusive of taxes)

Sitting just above the budget segment, the entry level hatchbacks offer an improvement in terms of space as well as performance and features. Here too, the segment is a petrol-only lineup in the BS-6 era. There are six models on offer with from four manufacturers. 

Unfortunately, Maruti refused to participate in this test, however, we have managed to source the data through our dealer sources for the sake of this comparison study and thus its prices should be treated as estimates.  

Entry-Level hatchbacks maintenance cost comparison

  • One year or 10,000km is the standard service interval in this segment, with the exception of Tata which offers a longer 15,000km interval. Tiago owners need to make a routine visit to the service centre for a routine check-up every 7,500km, for which the company charges Rs 850 from the 22,500km check-up onwards.
  • The Datsun GO is the most economical to maintain due to fewer replacement parts and a flat Rs 1,770 labour charge from the 20,000km service onwards.
  • Trailing the GO is the Hyundai Santro, which is almost as light on the pocket.
  • The other Hyundai, the Grand i10, comes in third spot a little further. Hyundai charges for labour from the 30,000km service at a flat rate of Rs 2,620, amounting to a total of Rs. 10,480.
  • The Maruti Wagon R is the only one in this segment with two engine options, both have similar maintenance costs and come in below the Tata Tiago, which despite having the least number of services up to 60,000km, sits on top of the maintenance cost chart.

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Entry-level hatchbacks maintenance costs (in Rupees)
Datsun GoHyundai Grand i10Hyundai SantroTata TiagoMaruti CelerioMaruti Wagon RMaruti Wagon R
Air Filter317184165602180192275
Oil Filter2298989163858590
Fuel FilterNA397397NA265310265
Washer Drain PlugNANANA22666
Spark Plug (for entire set)562282NA342315315800
Engine Oil990136811401925116313051395
Brake fluid 275NANA218355355355
Pollen / HVAC filter NA394198232NANANA
Service Intervals1 year or 10,000km1 year or 10,000km1 year or 10,000km1 year or 15,000km1 year or 10,000km1 year or 10,000km1 year or 10,000km
1st Service Cost (parts+labour)1219145712293214125413961491
2nd Service Cost (parts+labour)3264182014127132428344254520
3rd Service Cost (parts+labour)2989426138258251367338153910
4th Service Cost (parts+labour)4143444038437132492053846002
5th Service Cost (parts+labour)298940773660NA356737093804
6th Service Cost (parts+labour)326450664373NA442545674662
Total Cost17868211211834225729221222329624389
Maintenance cost per km0.300.350.310.430.370.390.41

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