Car maintenance cost comparison Part 7: Premium hatchbacks

Car maintenance cost comparison Part 7: Premium hatchbacks

27th Oct 2020 8:33 pm

A detailed study on the overall maintenance cost of cars over a 60,000km span. Part 7 covers the premium hatchback segment.


We move on with our maintenance cost comparison and shift focus to the volume-driven premium hatchback segment. In case you’ve missed it, do check out Part 1 (premium and executive SUVs), Part 2 (premium and executive sedans), Part 3 (mid-size SUVs), Part 4 (compact SUVs), Part 5 (mid-size sedans), and Part 6 (compact sedans) of this study.

  • Maintenance costs calculated over 60,000km
  • Premium hatchbacks’ maintenance costs compared
  • Factors in service life as well as cost of parts and labour (ex-Delhi, inclusive of taxes)

Once a segment with a fair share of diesel offerings, the premium hatchback segment is now largely a petrol-only space, due to the advent of the strict BS6 emission norms. Hyundai, Maruti, Honda and Volkswagen have all been familiar players in this segment and have offered diesels in the past, but they now only have petrol models. For Hyundai, though, this is only a temporary case, the company decided to skip the BS6 upgrade of the i20’s diesel engine, as the new-generation i20 model is launching this year. The new car will offer a diesel engine option, just like in the pre-BS6 era. Until then, though it’s the newest entrant, the Tata Altroz, which gets a diesel engine option.

Unfortunately, Maruti didn’t wish to participate in this study. However, we did manage to source the costs for the Baleno from various dealer sources. Thus, the prices for the Baleno should be treated as estimates.

Premium hatchbacks maintenance cost comparison

  • The Japanese and Korean models in this segment have a one year or 10,000km service interval, while Volkswagen and Tata require a service every 15,000km. The Tata Altroz, however, requires a routine check-up every 7,500km, chargeable at Rs 1,000 from 22,500km onwards.
  • Hyundai charges for labour only from the 30,000km service onwards, at a flat Rs 2,873, and with low cost of replacement parts, the i20 is the most pocket-friendly model to run.
  • The Maruti Baleno’s twin from the Toyota stable, the Glanza, is the second most affordable car to maintain, followed by the non-turbo version of the Volkswagen Polo petrol
  • The mild-hybrid version of the Glanza is a bit more expensive to run than the standard version, and the maintenance cost per kilometre is at par with the Honda Jazz and Tata Altroz petrol.
  • Interestingly the Baleno is pricier to maintain than the similar engined Glanza, with the bigger difference coming from the higher labour rates. 
  • The Polo presents a very interesting case. While the 1.0L TSI engine tops the sheet with the highest cost of maintenance, the regular 1.0L engine is very competitive and comes in below the Baleno, Jazz, Glanza (dualjet) and the Altroz.

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Premium Hatchbacks maintenance costs (in Rupees)
Honda JazzToyota Glanza Toyota Glanza Tata Altroz Tata Altroz Volkswagen Polo Volkswagen Polo Hyundai i20Maruti Baleno
Engine1.2P1.2P Kseries1.2P Dualjet1.2P1.5D1.0P1.0TSI1.2P1.2P Kseries
Air Filter437285287826550338382275290
Oil Filter175828516319299998990
Fuel FilterNANANANANANANA1376265
Washer Drain Plug36882222155155NA6
Spark Plug (for entire set)7057841322342NA891891302800
Fan Belt/ DrivebeltNANANANANA1406382NANA
Engine Oil101112311231192528002688384013681736
Brake fluid 330366183218218648648NA355
Pollen / HVAC filter 779357357157157614614266NA
Service Intervals1 year or 10,000km1 year or 10,000km1 year or 10,000km1 year or 15,000km 1 year or 15,000km 1 year or 15,000km 1 year or 15,000km 1 year or 10,000km1 year or 10,000km
1st Service Cost (parts+labour)202113201563363445193708486014571832
2nd Service Cost (parts+labour)534945644807733999767410928417025122
3rd Service Cost (parts+labour)435742015949913096095477742546054369
4th Service Cost (parts+labour)6057563253528186997591211145045756447
5th Service Cost (parts+labour)402738454088NANANANA43304369
6th Service Cost (parts+labour)626349206668NANANANA63985412
Total Cost280742448228427282893407925716330192306727551
Maintenance cost per km0.470.410.470.470.570.430.550.380.46

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