Buying Used: (2016-2018) Tata Tiago diesel

Buying Used: (2016-2018) Tata Tiago diesel

20th Dec 2018 6:00 am

The Tiago is stylish, comfy, practical and, at Rs 3.25 lakh, it is a lot of car for your money.




The Tiago looks like a hatchback that's from a segment above.
Interior Quality
Buttons and switchgear are well put together. Use of piano black inserts and chrome dials looks plush.



Go over a bad patch to check if the dashboard rattles. Some owners have faced this issue.


Check for faded brake pads, as they tend to wear out early. A new set will cost Rs 1,600.
Timing belt
If the car in question has covered over 50,000km, it is time to replace the timing belt.

What’s it like?

Tata Motors launched the Tiago hatchback in 2016, and it gained immense popularity for its fresh
design and rich interiors. Almost three years old now, the Tiago hasn't received any facelift or engine updates. It is one of the most sought-after hatchbacks in the used car market. With prices starting at Rs 3 lakh – that's a good Rs 2 lakh cheaper than a brand-new Tiago – what you get is a stylish design, quality interiors and excellent ride comfort.

The drive

Powering the Tiago are two engine options, a petrol and diesel, mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. Now, while the petrol is good, it is the diesel that we recommend, owing to the better fuel efficiency and for being just as easy to drive around in the city. The 1.05-litre, three-cylinder diesel engine makes 68hp and 140Nm of torque, which results in a 0-100kph time of 17.52sec and an overall fuel efficiency of 15kpl. Now, while the performance may not seem exciting, it is the other bits like the ride and ease of driving that make the Tiago an excellent city car. It glides over broken roads and sharp bumps in the city, and it has good stability at highway speeds as well.

Front seats are supportive; height-adjust for driver seat on top-spec Tiago.

What to look out for?

The Tiago is a fairly reliable car. However, certain issues have been reported by owners, so make sure the car you're looking at is free from these problems. Check for rattling of the dashboard. The build is solid, but certain bits and parts do tend to get loose over a period of time. Secondly, check if the brakes are working fine. Some owners have complained of brake oil leaks and premature brake pad wear. See if the oil level is optimum and that there is good bite to the brakes on engaging. If the car in question has problems starting, or you can hear a ticking noise from the engine, it is likely to be a worn-out timing belt. These too tend to wear out under 50,000km and replacing it will cost you Rs 2,000, if the car is not under warranty. Another issue some owners faced is white smoke from the exhaust. This is typically seen on cars used on the the outskirts, and is a result of the poor-quality fuel used and adulterated diesel available at highway fuel stations. Make sure to fill up only at company-owned fuel stations as adulterated fuel could wear out the diesel injectors and reduce performance and efficiency.

Good on legroom and headroom, and can easily sit three adults abreast.

Living with it

The maintenance cost of the Tiago is quite low. A general service every 15,000km will cost around Rs 5,000, and parts and spares too are on the lower side of the price chart. Also, Tata’s aftersales and service network is quite strong, so accessibility is easy too. If you want a small, comfortable city car, the Tiago diesel makes for a top choice.

Years Produced2016-present
Price when newRs 5.54 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi)
Engine (Diesel)3 cyl, 1047cc
Power70hp at 4000rpm
Torque140Nm at 1800-3000rpm
Fuel economy27.28kpl (ARAI)

Tata Tiago
Tata Tiago

Rs 5.02 lakh * on road price (New Delhi)

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