BMW M3 GTS shown.
BMW M3 GTS shown.

BMW could develop supercar

24th Nov 2014 8:00 am

Following development of the 'i' brand, BMW's M division could look at a junior supercar.

BMW has long stayed away from the supercar fray even though its other two German rivals, Audi and Mercedes-Benz have already given the markets the R8 and the Mercedes-AMG GT. While speaking at the Los Angeles auto show 2014, however, BMW M performance division product boss Carsten Pries dropped a hint that the company could be looking at a junior supercar.

Currently, all of BMW’s energy is focussed on launching and development of the ‘i’ sub-brand rather than doing what Mercedes-AMG has done with developing the GT. Following the cementing of the 'i' brand, however, BMW may look at further options.

“We have to let the i brand settle down first. It is still very new to the market and the customer needs to be given some time to understand its proposition. Then, maybe, we can look at doing something,” said Pries.

If BMW did make a supercar, Pries said it would not be an upgraded i8 but instead a true M performance car that uses technologies from the i8.

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