Best petrol-manual compact sedans

Best petrol-manual compact sedans

7th Jan 2019 8:00 am

Looking for the best sub-four-metre sedan with a petrol manual setup? These are your best on options right now.


5) Hyundai Xcent                  7/10

Hyundai Xcent

The Xcent is good within urban confines as it sports a peppy 83hp, 1.2-litre engine, good low-speed ride and light controls. While its looks may not go down with everyone, the Xcent is well put together, scoring high on build quality. It also comes with a lot of equipment. However, the narrow cabin doesn’t provide a roomy feel and also makes the Hyundai’s compact sedan seem smaller than it is.

Hyundai Xcent petrol manual prices:

Xcent VTVT E                     Rs 5.63 lakh
Xcent VTVT S                     Rs 6.32 lakh
Xcent VTVT SX                   Rs 6.94 lakh
Xcent VTVT SX (O)             Rs 7.71 lakh

4) Tata Tigor                          7/10

Tata Tigor

The Tigor is big on style and undercuts its competition by a big margin. The new top-spec XZ+ gets you all the features from pricier rivals and the cabin is accommodating enough for a car in this segment. The ride and handling package is also very nice. Unfortunately, the 85hp, 1.2-litre motor is underwhelming and the fuel economy isn’t class-leading. Keep in mind the Tigor is punching above its weight class, considering it is based on a smaller hatchback compared to its competition.

Tata Tigor petrol manual prices:

Tigor XE                              Rs 5.20 lakh
Tigor XM                             Rs 5.55 lakh
Tigor XZ                              Rs 5.95 lakh
Tigor XZ+                            Rs 6.49 lakh

3) Honda Amaze                   7/10

Honda Amaze

A definite step up from the previous generation model, the new Amaze is refined, a close second to the Dzire on space, and is practical with the largest boot. Top trims also get all the bells and whistles but more pep from the 90hp, 1.2-litre engine would have made it nicer. Honda’s compact sedan is a good all-rounder, but doesn’t quite stand out in any one area.

Honda Amaze petrol manual prices:

Amaze E MT                       Rs 5.81 lakh
Amaze S MT                       Rs 6.61 lakh
Amaze V MT                      Rs 7.21 lakh
Amaze VX MT                    Rs 7.69 lakh

2) Ford Aspire                          8/10

Ford Aspire

Having the edge in safety kit and equipment, the Aspire facelift is still the most fun-to-drive car in this segment, thanks to a really good ride and handling balance, a typical Ford trait. That it costs less than most rivals and comes with a more than decent level of safety kit also makes it a compelling buy. It's not the most spacious at the back, however.

Ford Aspire petrol manual prices:

Aspire Ambiente MT                       Rs 5.55 lakh
Aspire Trend MT                              Rs 5.99 lakh
Aspire Trend+ MT                          Rs 6.39 lakh
Aspire Titanium MT                         Rs 6.79 lakh
Aspire Titanium+ MT                       Rs 7.24 lakh

1) Maruti Suzuki Dzire                  9/10

Maruti Suzuki Dzire

A superbly rounded package, the Dzire boasts the best petrol engine in the segment (an 83hp, 1.2-litre motor) and the most spacious cabin. The light controls make Maruti Suzuki’s compact sedan easy to drive, and the large seats, absorbent ride and ample features add to the comfort factor. A nicer steering would have ticked the right boxes for keen drivers too.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire petrol manual prices:

Dzire LXi                              Rs 5.60 lakh
Dzire VXi                             Rs 6.48 lakh
Dzire ZXi                              Rs 7.10 lakh
Dzire ZXi+                           Rs 8.00 lakh

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