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Audi unveils Elaine, Aicon autonomous concepts

12th Sep 2017 2:55 pm

The electric-powered cars feature Audi’s advances in artificial intelligence and its vision of driverless vehicles.


On the eve of the Frankfurt motor show, Audi unveiled its high-tech mobility concepts, the Elaine SUV and the Aicon saloon, that showcase its recent advances in artificial intelligence. The electric-powered cars feature technologies being developed by Audi for inclusion on upcoming production models while providing clues to how driverless cars may look in the future.

The Elaine has been conceived to show how artificial intelligence technology will influence the next generation of Audi models with Level 4 autonomous driving technology. It includes a remote parking function that allows the driver to step out and watch as it parks itself in a multi-storey garage or positions itself in parking bays for recharging of its battery.

The Aicon looks further in the future with an interior devoid of a traditional cockpit, steering wheel and pedals to create a luxurious lounge-like environment offering the very latest in digital infotainment and communication solutions. It incorporates Level 5 autonomous driving technology that Audi says will bring about a dramatic reduction in road accidents in the future.

The Elaine is claimed to sprint from 0-100kph in 4.5sec and a large 95kWh lithium-ion battery is said to provide it with an overall range of up to 500km between recharging.  

The Aicon features a mini drone which acts as a so-called ‘light companion’, lighting up the path of a passenger exiting the vehicle in the dark.

While theoretical in nature, the Aicon, Audi’s vision for an autonomous driving car of the future, boasts a zero-emission range of up to 800km.

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