2020 Hyundai i20 vs rivals: Price comparison

2020 Hyundai i20 vs rivals: Price comparison

7th Nov 2020 7:00 am

We find out where the third-gen i20 is positioned compared to its competitors in the premium hatchback segment.


With 2020 Hyundai i20 prices revealed earlier this week, the Korean carmaker has replaced the older second-gen premium hatchback in its line-up. The third-gen i20 continues to face off against the same rivals - the Maruti Suzuki Baleno, Toyota Glanza, Tata Altroz, Honda Jazz and the Volkswagen Polo. In order to find out where the 2020 i20 stands in comparison, we’ve put the six premium hatchbacks’ variants and prices together.

  • New i20 petrol prices range between Rs 6.80-11.18 lakh
  • New i20 turbo prices range between Rs 8.80-11.18 lakh
  • New i20 diesel prices range between Rs 8.20-10.60 lakh

2020 Hyundai i20 petrol-manual prices vs rivals

Petrol-manual premium hatchbacks
Hyundai i20Hyundai i20Maruti BalenoMaruti BalenoTata AltrozTata AltrozToyota GlanzaToyota GlanzaHonda JazzHonda JazzVolkswagen PoloVolkswagen Polo
MagnaRs 6.80 lakhSigmaRs 5.64 lakhXERs 5.44 lakh GRs 7.01 lakhVRs 7.50 lakhTrendlineRs 5.87 lakh
SportzRs 7.60 lakhDeltaRs 6. 45 lakhXMRs 6.30 lakhG mild hybridRs 7.48 lakhVXRs 8.10 lakhComfortlineRs 6.82 lakh
AstaRs 8.70 lakhDelta Smart HybridRs 7. 33 lakhXTRs 6.99 lakhVRs 7.64 lakhZXRs 8.74 lakh
Asta(O)Rs 9.20 lakhZetaRs 7.01 lakhXZRs 7.59 lakh
Zeta Smart HybridRs 7.90 lakhXZ(O)Rs 7.75 lakh
AlphaRs 7.64 lakh

All six premium hatchbacks come with a naturally aspirated petrol engine option paired to a 5-speed manual gearbox. From the table, it’s clear that the Altroz and Baleno are among the most affordable models here while the Jazz and i20 sit on the higher side of the segment.

It should be noted that the Baleno and its badge-engineered sibling, the Glanza, are unique as they get mild-hybrid options as well. The mild-hybrid engine option on the Baleno is only available with the mid-spec variants and cost about Rs 90,000 more than their respective non-hybrid. Meanwhile, the mild-hybrid Glanza costs Rs 47,000 more than the equivalent standard variant. 

2020 Hyundai i20 petrol-automatic prices vs rivals

Petrol-automatic premium hatchbacks
Hyundai i20Hyundai i20Maruti BalenoMaruti BalenoToyota GlanzaToyota GlanzaHonda JazzHonda Jazz
Sportz CVTRs 8.60 lakhDelta CVTRs 7.77 lakhG CVTRs 8.33 lakhV CVTRs 8.50 lakh
Asta CVTRs 9.70 lakhZeta CVTRs 8.33 lakhV CVTRs 8.96 lakhVX CVTRs 9.10 lakh
Alpha CVTRs 8.96 lakhZX CVTRs 9.74 lakh

When comparing the petrol automatic versions, the i20 still comes across as expensive, but by a much smaller margin. The Baleno and the Glanza, are still the model of choice for the price conscious. The Jazz automatic is a close second on the price charts; the top-spec version is about Rs 4,000 more than the range-topping i20 petrol-CVT, though Hyundai does not offer the CVT with the Asta(O) trim.

While the Altroz is set to get a dual-clutch automatic unit in the future, the naturally aspirated Polo 1.0 is expected to remain a manual-only model.

2020 Hyundai i20 turbo petrol prices vs rivals

Turbo-petrol premium hatchbacks
Hyundai i20 Hyundai i20 Volkswagen Polo TSIVolkswagen Polo TSI
Sportz iMTRs 8.80 lakhHighline Plus Rs 8.08 lakh
Asta iMTRs 9.90 lakhHighline Plus ATRs 9.19 lakh
Asta DCTRs 10.67 lakhGT TSIRs 9.67 lakh
Asta(O) DCTRs 11.18 lakh

The i20 turbo’s only rival comes in the form of the VW Polo 1.0 TSI. The i20 turbo in ‘clutch-less manual’ form costs Rs 72,000 more than the equivalent Polo TSI, while the dual-clutch automatic i20 turbo is priced at a whopping Rs 1.48 lakh more than the Polo TSI with the 6-speed torque convertor auto-box.

2020 Hyundai i20 diesel prices vs rivals

Diesel premium hatchbacks
Hyundai i20 Hyundai i20 Tata AltrozTata Altroz
MagnaRs 8.20 lakhXERs 6.99 lakh
SportzRs 9.00 lakhXMRs 7.50 lakh
Asta(O)Rs 10.60 lakhXTRs 8.19 lakh
XZRs 8.79 lakh
XZ(O)Rs 8.95 lakh

Tata and Hyundai are the only carmakers that still offer a diesel engine option with their respective premium hatchbacks. Here too, the Altroz is the more affordable option by a Rs 1.2 lakh margin to start. The top-spec i20 diesel costs over Rs 1.6 lakh more than the range-topping Altroz diesel.

2020 Hyundai i20 prices vs rivals: Conclusion

The 2020 Hyundai i20 does come across as expensive, irrespective of the engine and gearbox option. However, our close look report did state that the new i20 appears to be the all-rounder to beat. Time, a proper road test and an on-road comparison will tell if the premium you pay for the i20 over its rivals is worth it.

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