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2020 Chevrolet Corvette hard-top convertible revealed

6th Oct 2019 8:00 am

It is the first Corvette hard-top convertible and also the first to sport a mid-engine layout.


Two months after Chevrolet revealed its new 'C8' Corvette Stingray coupé, the brand has pulled the covers off the convertible version.

Continuing the theme of going against tradition with the latest model, not only is it the first mid-engined Corvette drop-top, but it's also the first to use a solid folding roof.

Said to have been engineered “first and foremost” as a drop-top, the new Corvette variant features a two-piece roof powered by six electric motors. It can be activated at vehicle speeds of up to 48.3kph and retract in 16sec. Chevrolet claims the use of electric motors instead of a hydraulic system improves reliability.

The roof, made of composite panels, is said to provide “a quieter cabin, increased security and a cleaner look” than previous soft-tops. It also avoids the usual practicality compromises of a roof of this type, meaning that the car is still able to accommodate two sets of golf clubs in the boot and keeps its front storage compartment.

The roof also features an electric rear window, which Chevrolet claims to have optimised to reduce air recirculation and wind noise. The convertible deploys the same rear spoiler available as part of the coupé’s Z51 Performance Package, with the firm claiming an identical drag coefficient as the coupé.

The 6.2-litre small-blog ‘LT2’ naturally aspirated V8 is unchanged, putting out 502hp and 637Nm of torque. No official stats have been provided, but reports from the US claim the performance figures are broadly the same as the coupé's.

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