2019 Ford Figo facelift vs rivals: Price, specifications comparison

2019 Ford Figo facelift vs rivals: Price, specifications comparison

16th Mar 2019 10:00 am

Launched at Rs 5.15 lakh, the refreshed Ford Figo will go up against the Maruti Suzuki Swift, Hyundai Grand i10 And the VW Polo. We pit the four rivals against each other, on paper.


Ford has brought out the refreshed Figo in India, with some cosmetic changes outside (similar to the changes seen on the Aspire facelift) an updated interior and new engine options. Ford Figo prices start from Rs 5.15 lakh for the base petrol and go up to Rs 8.09 lakh for the petrol-automatic; the diesel variants are priced ebtween Rs 5.95 lakh and Rs 7.74 lakh. At this price point, new Ford Figo prices start at about Rs 70,000 lower and end at about Rs 20,000 less than the pre-facelift model, which also means that the Figo facelift will have the same rivals – the Maruti Suzuki Swift, Hyundai Grand i10 and the Volkswagen Polo. We compare the Figo facelift to its predecessor and the other three hatchbacks, on paper, to find out how much has improved and if the Ford is a more credible rival.

2019 Ford Figo facelift variant-wise prices (ex-showroom)
VariantFigo (facelift)Figo (pre-facelift)
1.2P Ambiente MT5.15 lakh5.83 lakh
1.2P Trend MT-6.12 lakh
1.2P Titanium MT6.39 lakh6.58 lakh
1.2P Sports Edition MT-7.08 lakh
1.2P Titanium+ MT-7.14 lakh
1.2P Titanium Blu6.94 lakh-
1.5D Base MT-6.31 lakh
1.5D Ambiente MT5.95 lakh6.69 lakh
1.5D Trend MT-7.09 lakh
1.5D Titanium MT 7.19 lakh7.44 lakh
1.5D Sports Edition MT-7.94 lakh
1.5D Titanium+ MT-7.95 lakh
1.5D Titanium Blu7.74 lakh-
1.5P Titanium AT8.09 lakh8.46 lakh


In terms of overall size, there isn’t much difference between the Ford Figo facelift and the pre-facelift model, though the former is slightly longer and wider. This means the new Figo still has the longest wheelbase amongst rivals and has the most ground clearance, suggesting the Ford has marginally more legroom in the cabin and less chance of bottoming out over bad bumps on the road. The Maruti Suzuki Swift is the widest of the hatchbacks here, indicating more shoulder room for passengers, while the Volkswagen Polo has the largest boot. The Hyundai Grand i10 is the smallest car overall in this comparison.

2019 Ford Figo vs rivals: Dimensions
Figo (facelift)Figo (pre-facelift)SwiftGrand i10Polo
Ground clearance174mm174mm163mm165mm168mm
Boot space257 litres257 litres268 litres256 litres294 litres
Fuel tank size42 (P)/40 litres (D)42 (P)/40 litres (D)37 litres43 litres45 litres
Kerb weight (petrol)1016-1026kg (AT: 1078kg)977-1037kg855-885kg966kg (est)1015-1044kg
Kerb weight (diesel)1046-1057kg1041kg955-990kg1066kg (est)1126-1163kg


One of the highlights of the Ford Figo facelift are the new three-cylinder petrol engines and new manual and torque convertor automatic gearboxes, both of which are shared with the Ford Aspire facelift. As the new petrol Figos are more powerful than their older counterparts, it is still the most powerful petrol hatchback in this comparison, though its economy figures are not class leading. The Maruti Suzuki Swift is the most fuel-efficient, in both manual and automatic guise. The naturally aspirated petrol Volkswagen Polo has a distinct disadvantage, featuring the smallest capacity motor and correspondingly lower output figures. However, the Polo automatic, which comes with a 1.2-litre turbo-petrol engine mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic, has the highest torque figure.

2019 Ford Figo vs rivals: Petrol powertrain
Figo (facelift)Figo (pre-facelift)SwiftGrand i10Polo
Type3-cyl, naturally aspirated4-cyl, naturally aspirated4-cyl, naturally aspirated4-cyl, naturally aspirated3-cyl, naturally aspirated, 4-cyl, turbo-petrol
Transmission (MT)5-speed5-speed5-speed5-speed5-speed
Transmission (AT)6-speed torque convertor6-speed dual-clutch5-speed AMT4-speed torque convertor7-speed dual-clutch
ARAI fuel efficiency20.4kpl (MT)/16.3kpl18.16kpl (MT)/17kpl (AT)22kpl (MT & AMT)19.77kpl (MT)/17.49kpl (AT)18.78kpl (MT)/17.21kpl (AT)

Mechanically, the diesel Figo is unchanged; the pre-facelift and facelift models both are powered by a 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine that makes 100hp and 215Nm of peak torque, which is paired to a 5-speed manual transmission. This positions it above the diesel Maruti Suzuki Swift and Hyundai Grand i10, though below the Volkswagen Polo, in terms of output. While the Polo diesel comes in two states of tune, interestingly, it is the more powerful GT TDI model that is also more efficient. However, it is the Swift which posts the highest mileage. In addition, the Maruti is the only diesel hatchback in this segment to get the option of a diesel-automatic, in the form of an AMT gearbox.

2019 Ford Figo vs rivals: Diesel powertrain
Figo (facelift)Figo (pre-facelift)SwiftGrand i10Polo
Type4-cyl, turbo-diesel4-cyl, turbo-diesel4-cyl, turbo-diesel3-cyl, turbo-diesel4-cyl, turbo-diesel
Transmission (MT)5-speed5-speed5-speed5-speed5-speed
Transmission (AT)NANA5-speed AMTNANA
ARAI fuel efficiency25.5kpl25.83kpl28.4kpl (MT & AMT)24.95kpl20.14kpl/21.49kpl


Along with the slightly tweaked exterior and the new engines and gearboxes, the Ford Figo facelift also gets an updated features list, the most important of which is the new 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system that unfortunately, does not get Ford’s Sync3 system. This means that unlike its rivals, the Ford misses out on Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility. The Maruti Suzuki Swift and Hyundai Grand i10 have the largest infotainment screens, though based on our comparison of the two hatchbacks, the Hyundai’s is the slicker unit. Overall, the Swift seems to be the best equipped of the lot, though it does miss out on rear AC vents and rain-sensing wipers. The Volkswagen Polo has the largest alloy wheels and boasts of a segment-first cruise control system, but is otherwise not as well kitted as its competition.

Like the previous iteration, the Ford Figo facelift is the segment-leader in terms of safety kit – the top-spec Figo Titanium Blu features six airbags while the Figo automatic is equipped with an electronic stability programme, traction control and hill-start assist.

2019 Ford Figo vs rivals: Features
Figo (facelift)Figo (pre-facelift)SwiftGrand i10Polo
Projector headlampsNoNoYesNoNo
Alloy wheels15-inch15-inch15-inch14-inch16-inch
Powered wing mirrorsYesYesYesYesYes
Reverse cameraYesNoYesYesNo
Climate controlYesYesYesYesYes
Rear AC ventsNoNoNoYesYes
Infotainment screen6.5-inch touchscreen3.5-inch7.0-inch touchscreen7.0-inch touchscreen6.5-inch touchscreen
Apple CarPlay/Android AutoNo/NoNo/NoYes/YesYes/YesYes/Yes
Auto headlampsYesNoYesNoNo
Auto wipersYesNoNoNoYes
Keyless entry/goYesNoYesYesNo
Cruise controlNoNoNoNoYes
ESPAT onlyAT onlyNoNoNo
Traction controlAT onlyAT onlyNoNoNo
Hill-start assistAT onlyAT onlyNoNoNo


The base variants of the Hyundai Grand i10 and Maruti Suzuki Swift undercut prices for their rivals by a significant margin, although it is the Maruti that is the most affordable of the lot, overall. Despite Ford Figo prices reducing (compared to the pre-facelift model), it still costs more than the Swift and Grand i10. Volkswagen Polo prices are the highest, especially for the range-topping GT-badged models.

2019 Ford Figo vs rivals: Price
Figo (facelift)Figo (pre-facelift)SwiftGrand i10Polo
Petrol-MT5.15-6.94 lakh5.83-7.14 lakh4.99-7.40 lakh5.01-6.65 lakh5.80-7.59 lakh
Petrol-AT8.09 lakh8.46 lakh6.45-7.85 lakh6.55-7.08 lakh9.58 lakh
Diesel-MT5.95-7.74 lakh6.31-7.95 lakh5.99-8.38 lakh6.17-7.62 lakh7.32-9.71 lakh
Diesel-ATNANA7.43-8.85 lakhNANA

Based on its launch price, the features on offer and the engine and transmission options available, the new Ford Figo seems to be a well-equipped and powerful rival to the Maruti Suzuki Swift and Hyundai Grand i10. Our review of the Figo facelift, which will be out tomorrow, should confirm that the hatchback retains the ride and handling setup that Ford’s cars are known for. However, the Figo facelift will need to meet the Swift and Grand i10 on the road to find out which hatchback is the one you should put your money on. Stay tuned.

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Ford Figo
Ford Figo

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