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Mahindra Xylo E8 (Old)

25th Sep 2009 7:00 am

Our long-term Xylo has been redefining the meaning of space and comfort. In our first report, we tell you what it’s like to live with.


The Xylo has a powerful diesel motor and acres of space — just the kind of workhorse we need at the Autocar office. Having these attributes also means this Xylo isn’t going to get rest anytime soon. Just take a look at our other beast of burden, the long-term Scorpio which has covered more than 85,000km in a span of just four years.

Our ‘lucky lilac’ Xylo has been with us for two months and over this period has covered over 1,700km. This includes a lot of time spent in the confines of Mumbai city and also out-of-town jaunts over weekends.

We got the car in January this year, and it was immediately dispatched on comparison test duty. Considering that it faced the supremely talented Toyota Innova and held its own quite well says a lot. Since then it has been a favourite on numerous photo shoots and fuel runs. Even as I write, the Xylo is cruising on the Expressway, headed to Pune for
a shoot.

The engine has opened up and has done pretty well, despite some heavy-foot driving in the initial kilometres. We like the fact that you can quickly make gaps in traffic, thanks to the responsive engine which gives it an extra edge in the city. It also has the legs on the highway, which means maintaining three-digit speeds all day is stress-free.

That the Xylo has been designed inside out shows. Passenger space and comfort have been given priority over the way it looks which, by the way, has provoked numerous lunchtime arguments at the office. There are mixed reactions to its design — some people like certain bits, while others want nothing to do with it.

The toothy grille and high stance, combined with boxy proportions, aren’t going to win it any beauty contest, but I’ll stick my neck out and say that I’ve actually begun to like the way it looks.

The large windows give the cabin an airy feel and the view of the countryside at speed is much like what you’d get during a long-distance train journey. The fact that the seats are supremely comfortable and you’ve got enough legroom to stretch out, even in the third row, only furthers the Xylo’s appeal. Over the months, passengers have appreciated little touches like adjustable armrests, comfy seats and dedicated reading lamps.

But there are some complaints as well. The Xylo has a soft suspension set-up — bumps are well rounded at low speed, but once the Xylo picks up pace it doesn’t feel as solid as it should. The ride turns bouncy and there’s a lot of body roll in corners as well and it’s not uncommon to hear passengers complain. The engine certainly has the kick, but the chassis just doesn’t want to play ball.
Another problem that came up was when we wanted to shift some heavy luggage. The Xylo doesn’t have much boot space to begin with, and the fact that the third row cannot be removed seriously hampers practicality and limits the amount you can cram into the back of the MPV.

Apart from these issues, the Xylo has mostly been impressive. So have the fuel economy figures, despite some pedal-to-the-metal action on the Expressway. We have been regularly getting 8.7kpl in the city and have managed 12.2kpl out on the highway.In a nutshell, the Xylo might not impress you at first sight, but its core value of being a spacious tourer that’s loaded with equipment at a good price will certainly win your heart.

If our long-term Scorpio is anything to go by, we expect the Xylo to give us a hassle-free ownership experience.

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Price when new Rs 9.02 lakh(on-road, Mumbai)
Options NA
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