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Suzuki Gixxer SF India review, test ride

10th Apr 2015 12:57 pm

We’ve just taken a quick spin on Suzuki’s latest, the faired Gixxer SF to tell you how it rides on Indian roads.

  • Make : Suzuki
  • Model : Gixxer
When Suzuki launched the Gixxer in India, it shook up the crowded 150cc segment and earned our appreciation with its wide array of abilities. Now, Suzuki has taken a step in the right direction, offering enthusiasts a Gixxer-based, fully faired motorcycle – the Gixxer SF. Let’s take a closer look at the Gixxer SF, looking smart in the MotoGP-inspired Suzuki paint scheme.

The Gixxer’s single headlight unit fits like a missing jigsaw piece into the SF’s fairing, making it appear similar to some of Suzuki’s larger capacity motorcycles. This fairing, Suzuki informs us was actually designed by Suzuki using the same wind tunnel used to develop the Hayabusa’s slippery aerodynamic design. Ground clearance remains uncompromised, measuring the same as Suzuki’s naked Gixxer.

The functional switchgear works well and the fully digital instrument console provides the rider with all essentials including a speedometer, tachometer, time, a gear indicator and rev-limit beacon.

Also differentiating the SF from its naked sibling, Suzuki has a new geometric design end cap on the twin-port exhaust, finished in titanium-like paint that is heat resistant. The logo on the bike’s key is chrome finished.

The six-spoke alloy rims now have reflective tape through their diameter, and overall quality and fit-finish on the SF are both top drawer.



The engine is identical to the naked Gixxer, displacing 155cc, an air-cooled and carbureted unit. Maximum power of 14.6bhp is produced at 8,000rpm, good to trot in the city and 1.43kgm of torque is produced at 6,000rpm. The Gixxer SF has the same, slightly gruff sounding engine when hard on the throttle, now just slightly more resonant due to its fairing. Power delivery is smooth yet assertive, right from idle spread across the wide powerband. Due to the addition of the fairing, the Gixxer does feel easier to ride at high speeds, properly cocooning the rider when crouched out of the wind blast. It feels most comfortable cruising at an indicated 90kph, almost all wind safely deflected away from the rider. We managed to clock an indicated top speed of 120kph astride Suzuki's Gixxer SF. 

The Gixxer SF's engine is mated to a five-speed gearbox, each gear slotting with a precise feel in a one-down, four-up pattern. Its clutch is well weighted and operates with a light feel that helps keep the bike easy to ride in crowded city traffic.

As on the Gixxer, the SF also uses a single downtube, steel tubular frame that holds the engine as a stressed member. Also, beefy 41mm front forks and a seven-step adjustable rear monoshock give the Gixxer SF an advantage over most segment rivals. Ride quality, as on the naked Gixxer feels just right, absorbing rough roads and potholes well, with neither too harsh nor soft a set-up. The seating posture is upright, no more than a slight lean into the handlebars, comfortable for long distances; as is the plush riding saddle.

Tubeless MRF rubber is provided front and rear on the Gixxer SF, both providing ample grip with abundant traction available to tackle all surfaces.



As on the Gixxer, the SF’s cornering manners are good, instilling confidence and providing riders with a fun experience. The Gixxer SF behaves very much like its naked sibling on the twisties, with only a slightly more weighted feel from the front, which doesn’t adversely affect riding pleasure. A large diameter, 266mm front disc brake provides sharp bite, working well with the rear 130mm drum brake to bring the SF to a halt. Suzuki has kept weight low despite the addition of a full fairing; the Gixxer SF only gaining 4kg over the naked Gixxer.

Suzuki is on a roll, the Gixxer SF proving yet another solid product for the Indian market, offering good looks, smart handling and nice ride quality. This does not however mean the Gixxer SF will go head-to-head with bikes such as the Yamaha YZF-R15 or the Honda CBR 150R, plainly because the SF is more a sports tourer than out-and-out sportsbike.

So, the Gixxer SF targets those looking for a stylish, fairing equipped but comfortable, able handling motorcycle that’s quick enough to thrill riders. The SF is well suited for the cut and thrust of Indian city riding, and is inviting enough to be used as an everyday bike on our roads. Put all that together with the fact this is the most affordable fully faired bike in India today, for Rs 83,439 (ex-showroom, Delhi), and the Gixxer SF presents a strong case for itself.

Rayomand Buhariwalla






Rs 83,439 (ex-showroom, Delhi)

On sale






Fuel tank capacity

12 litres

Kerb weight


Engine layout

Four-stroke, single-cyl, air-cooled




14.6bhp at 8000rpm


1.43kgm at 6000rpm

Specific output

94.2bhp per litre

Power to weight

105bhp per tonne


5-speed, 1-down, 4-up

Front suspension

Telescopic forks

Rear suspension

Monoshock, box-section swingarm

Front brake

266mm disc

Rear brake



6-spoke alloy

Rim size

17 inches

Tyre size

100/80 x 17 - 140/60 x 17inches



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