Shima STR-2 gloves review

Shima STR-2 gloves review

23rd Mar 2020 7:00 am

Full-gauntlet gloves on a budget.

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Full-gauntlet gloves have come a long way, and of late, finding a well-designed one between Rs 5,000-8,000 is not difficult. The Shima STR-2 is one such example and it retails at just Rs 5,999, which seemed like a good deal. The idea was to use these as my daily city-commute gloves, with the occasional highway run thrown into the mix. But it’s not just the price that made me gravitate towards these gloves.

The first thing that struck me about the STR-2 is its supple goat-leather construction, which felt premium to the touch. I’ve used an Alpinestars SP2 full-gauntlet glove previously, and the Shima came close in terms of feel. The second reason is the way it’s designed. It looks like a proper, sporty glove that appears from a segment above. But neat aesthetics aside, I also liked the protection on offer. The STR-2 features carbon-fibre knuckle protection, a hard slider over the palm area and plastic/foam padding over the top portion of the fingers. While these seem adequate, I wish there was a third-fourth finger bridge, like you see in Alpinestars or Ixons that are at a slightly higher price point. That aside, there are no real complaints as far as protection is concerned, except for the fact that Shima’s website only states that these gloves are CE Cat 2, and not whether they are Level 1, or Level 2, which is the far more important information. They are Level 1, in case you were wondering, which is absolutely fair at this price.

The fit is snug and the range of motion feels natural.

The fit is quite snug and the lightweight construction, pre-curved fingers, straps and accordion stretch panels allow unrestricted movement, whether it’s while wringing the throttle, or pulling the clutch or brake lever. I’ve used them for two months and, despite heavy usage over various formats of motorcycles, there’s no sign of wear around the stitching so far.

The one issue I faced was inadequate ventilation, especially obvious on a hot day. I wish Shima would’ve added more perforations or designed a small scoop around the knuckle area to channel some air inside. That aside, the STR-2 works well as a daily glove and fits my needs. The fact that it’s easy on the pocket is the cherry on top.

Price: Rs 5,999

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