Kriega fork seal covers review

Kriega fork seal covers review

22nd Aug 2020 7:00 am

The Kriega fork seal covers are a simple, but effective solution to keep your fork seals protected.

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British brand Kriega specialises in high-end luggage systems for motorcycles, and they also make some very useful accessories. Among them is the Fork Seal Cover, which is basically a stretchable material that wraps around the suspension fork seal area, while allowing the fork to function as normal. 

Kriega actually sells these for use on dirt bikes, but they work wonders on any bike with an upside down fork, especially in a riding environment like ours. Leaking fork oil seals are a common big-bike issue on our dirty, dusty roads. Fixing them is a pain, and can also get expensive, because the fork has to be removed and partially disassembled to get it done. Something as simple as this product can go a long way to keep the seals protected.

The covers are made out of a material that Kriega calls Neoskin, which is basically a coated Neoprene. Velcro strips running up the sides allow the cover to hold itself around the fork, and you can use the two provided cable-ties to further secure it when installed. 

The idea behind this product is admirably straightforward and literally anyone can install them - a pair of scissors to cut the excess cable-tie ends is the only tool you’ll need. Kriega suggests that you give the material a bit of a stretch and after that it’s simply a matter of tightly looping it around your fork leg (over the oil seal area, obviously) and attaching it via the Velcro strips. Kriega has even provided a couple of small loops sewn into the top of the cover for you to run the cable-tie through, so there’s no confusion where this should fit. I had no issues installing it on the KTM, but some bikes do come with plastic dust shields in front of the fork seal, which you will have to remove.

You will need to periodically remove and clean them to remove any dirt that may have collected over time, but beyond this, the fork seal covers function just like any other protection accessory - install them and ride with more peace of mind. As with most of its superpremium products, Kriega offers a 10-year guarantee on these covers, which hints at the quality you’re getting. The fork seal covers are available on Kreiga’s website and is one of the most affordable products from the company. 


Price: Rs 1,430

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