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  • The unique chest harness system and heavily padded back m...
    The unique chest harness system and heavily padded back make this bag incredibly comfortable.
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Kreiga R25 motorcycle backpack review

24th Oct 2017 6:00 am

An ultra high-end backpack designed for motorcycles that completely justifies its sky-high price!

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The R25 is a backpack by British company Kriega which specialises in high-end motorcycle luggage solutions. Its quality levels are astounding and the bag is constructed out of materials usually seen in protective riding apparel, with a tough section of 1000D Cordura at the base and 420D nylon rip-stop for the main bag construction. Rip-stop, as the same suggests, prevents small tears from spreading across the material. Heavy duty YKK zippers of a very high quality come with long-pull tabs that make them easy to use with gloved hands. The snap-fit closures for the compression straps around the side are the best I’ve ever used, producing a pleasingly loud click which lets you know they are firmly secured. Safety is addressed by two large reflective patches along the straps in the front and a single large reflective panel on the back.

The bag has 25 litres of capacity, making it perfect for daily use or an overnight trip. A long external pocket is helpful for holding things like a raincoat. Inside, you have a main compartment along with a laptop sleeve and a small compartment constructed in clear plastic for your everyday essentials. A small eyelet on the top allows you to pass a hydration pipe through it as well. A hard protector is incorporated across the back section within the bag, while a thick memory-foam-like padding on the outside ensures a comfy fit.

The materials and quality levels are so high that Kriega offers a 10- year guarantee against manufacturing defects on all its products. However, the main reason to invest in a Kriega is for how it fits on your body. The large straps open wide, allowing you to easily wear the bag, even over a tight and constrictive leather jacket. The real party trick, though, is Kriega’s famous four-point Quadloc closing system. The system works via two cleverly designed round snap-fit closures which are easy to use without looking down – great for when your helmet and gloves are already on. The big advantage here is that it moves a majority of the bag’s weight off the shoulders and onto the chest, alleviating stress on the neck and shoulders. Large circular metal alloy adjusters on the side also allow you to fine-tune the fit while eradicating any annoying flapping straps.

The difference is enormous – full days on the road with heavy loads on the back cause far less soreness than with any bag I’ve previously used. The large and thickly padded bottom straps that come up from the back also offer a fair bit of impact protection to the kidney area.

This bag is next to perfect. It’s surprisingly water resistant too, and stays dry for up to half an hour in torrential rain. However, for complete waterproofing, the larger R30 with its roll-top closure is the one for you. Gun to head, I’d complain that the big Quadloc closure can block off some airflow in the heat and that the bag feels a little too heavy duty to be used regularly off the bike. But that’s it.

A limited range of Kreigas are currently sold solely through Triumph dealerships in India at much more competitive prices than overseas. Overall, the price seems crazy steep, but this is quite literally an investment and I’m yet to meet a disappointed customer. 

Where: Triumph showrooms
Price: Rs 7,962

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