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Honda Activa

30th Sep 2009 7:00 am

The Activa fits Honda’s brief perfectly when talking practically

  • Make : Honda
  • Model : Activa

The new Activa retains classic elements seen on its predecessor, it uses a repair-friendly sheet metal cloak for most of its body. There’s more than a hint of the Aviator in the multi-panel front apron, which comes embellished with neat pseudo vents. The halogen bulb housing headlight enables the new Activa to provide decent illumination at night. The standard instruments are bold, clearly legible, and with a fuel gauge inset at 6 o’clock within the large 120kph calibrated speedometer. The new scooter uses switchgear, levers, grips and mirrors identical to those found on the old Activa. While Honda provided us with the base model Activa for this test, we are given to understand the top-end variant gets a tamper-proof safety shutter that safeguards its ignition slot. However, a front storage bin is only offered with the upmarket version; we did appreciate the new scooter’s enhanced, 18-litre underseat storage bay. The new Activa has a wide floorboard, which tapers back to meet its pair of pillion footrests. A handy bag hook is provided in this region and from here a set of sleek rear body panels swoop upwards to culminate in an attractive tail. The new Activa dumps its spare wheel in favour of a new alloy grab bar. It’s a pity Honda has not fitted alloy rims as also the convenience of a front fuel-filling pod. The Activa does however have a built-to-last feel, amazing quality and the typical Honda fit and finish.

Honda has done away with the 102cc engine that powered the Activa, Dio and Aviator, replacing it with a revised 109cc, four-stroke engine. The new Honda engine uses air cooling as well as an increase in stroke. Compression is higher and peak power output has increased from 7bhp on the older scooter to a meatier 8bhp built up at 7500rpm. The new Activa engine provides a smooth, ultra-refined and totally vibration-free feel. It’s peppier and less stressed throughout the power band and takes 10.16 seconds to breach 60kph as compared to the older scooter’s over 13sec. Top speed is also up, from 77kph to a true 88kph, which allows for better cruising ability when riding on open roads.

A throttle position sensor and paper element air filter are used too. Honda’s CLIC system allowing the Activa’s rear body to be tipped up makes for easy and convenient access to the engine. The new Activa uses a conventional under-bone type and tube steel frame skeleton.

What Honda has taken care of is to ensure the new scooter retains the comfortable riding feel as experienced on the original model. The seat is large and well padded and the riding posture remains the same — upright and commuter-friendly. A linked suspension is used at the front, with a single shock and stressed member engine cushioning the rear. The new Activa provides a Tuff Up tube for its rear tyre to reduce the chances of a puncture. Another feature, found only on the top-end Activa, is Combined Braking System or CBS which is mechanically operated and works to help brake the scooter in shorter distances with better stability. CBS works with the left brake running twin cables to both drums, to simultaneously activate both brakes. The right, or front brake lever, remains committed to operating only the front drum when depressed, just as on any normal scooter. Ride quality remains just adequate, the same as on the earlier scooter, as do handling and cornering manners which makes the Activa thankfully light to manage in crowded Indian city riding conditions. Our best stopping distance and time from 60kph on the new Activa was 19.87 metres in 2.41sec.

ENGINE Petrol Petrol AT Diesel Diesel AT Electric
Fuel Petrol - - - -
Type 109cc - - - -
Power 8bhp at 7500rpm - - - -
Torque 0.9kgm at 5500rpm - - - -
TRANSMISSION Petrol Petrol AT Diesel Diesel AT Electric
Type Variomatic - - - -
BRAKES Petrol Petrol AT Diesel Diesel AT Electric
Front 130mm drum - - - -
Rear 130mm drum - - - -
SUSPENSION Petrol Petrol AT Diesel Diesel AT Electric
Front Link, twin shocks - - - -
Rear Stressed engine, single shock - - - -
Honda Activa
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