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Yamaha 04GEN concept shown at Vietnam motorcycle show 2016

11th Apr 2016 12:06 pm

Concept scooter targets women; features wings made to translucent plastic that fold down over the side panels.

Yamaha Motor Co has showcased its 04GEN scooter design concept model at the Vietnam motorcycle show 2016, which was held in Ho Chi Minh City from April 7-10. The show was the first two-wheeler expo held in Vietnam.

The 04GEN’s design is based on Yamaha’s RUN-WAY concept, which is aimed at women buyers who seek an image of dignified elegance and grace. 'RUN' stands for 'Revolutionary, Unique, Noble'. Compared to regular scooter body structures, which hide the frame with exterior parts, the 04GEN only covers the frame with semi-transparent exterior parts. For instance, the scooter features a unique a pair of translucent wings, like that of a dragonfly that fold down over the side panels – though they apparently have no function. The feature many have been incorporated to infuse a sense of lightness to the body.

The concept aims to make a contrast between the old and the new by using authentic real leather and innovative semi-transparent resin. Also, 04GEN indicates that it is the fourth concept by the company to use transparent materials as a design feature.

This is the fifth GEN design concept in Yamaha’s series. The 01GEN in 2014 was a crossover motorcycle with two wheels at the front; the 02GEN was an alluring electrically power-assisted wheelchair, also in 2014, and in 2015 the 03GEN, mobility enhanced by optional colours, materials. The next was the TRICITY. The 04GEN takes off from there.

Production details have not been revealed yet, and it's unlikely to see the concept in India anytime soon. 

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