New Harley Davidson with 1,250cc engine coming on July 13

New Harley Davidson with 1,250cc engine coming on July 13

22nd Jun 2021 12:57 pm

Will be a ‘sport segment’ bike powered by the Revolution Max motor from the Pan America.

Harley-Davidson has teased the launch of a new motorcycle in the ‘sport segment’, powered by its 1,250cc Revolution Max motor that debuted in the Pan America adventure bike.

  • Official unveiling on July 13
  • Most likely to be a production version of the 1250 Custom prototype
  • Expected in dealerships by end-2021

Harley-Davidson’s bold new direction seems to be rather ambiguous because it has simultaneously gone down the electric route with the LiveWire and entered the ADV segment with the Pan America. Now, it intends to enter the ‘sport segment’ with an all-new bike powered by the same 1,250cc Revolution Max engine as the Pan America.

Harley Davidson 1250 Custom incoming?

Of course, Harley-Davidson’s idea of the sport segment is not going to be a fully-faired supersport machine. So, what can we expect instead? We'll, a while ago, The Motor Company unveiled the 1250 Custom prototype – a slightly sporty cruiser-ish motorcycle powered by the same 1,250cc Revolution Max motor as the Pan America. And the recent teaser image bears an uncanny resemblance to the cylinder head/fuel tank region of the 1250 Custom.

Harley Davidson 1250 Custom production version

The ‘Future Vehicles’ section of Harley’s website also features a ‘high performance custom model’ planned for 2021, listed with a picture of the 1250 Custom prototype. It’s got the right engine and its tank shape seems to match the oneseen in the teaser image.

Harley Davidson new bike: launch timeline

If the Custom is indeed going into production, it’s something to look forward to, because the Revolution Max motor has been critically acclaimed. The official unveil is less than a month away and the bike is expected in dealerships by the end of the year, so our questions should be answered pretty soon.

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