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Mahindra Gusto vs rivals: specifications comparison

30th Sep 2014 12:44 pm

The Mahindra Gusto matches up to able rivals in its segment, from Honda, Yamaha and the TVS Motor Company.

Mahindra Two-Wheelers has just launched their entirely in-house built Gusto, a versatile scooter designed to suit many, and cater to the entire family. Let’s take a closer look at how its specifications match up to its immediate competition, Honda’s bestselling Activa and Aviator, the Yamaha Alpha and the TVS Jupiter.

A look at the spec sheet tells you that the Yamaha Alpha has the highest capacity engine in this 110cc scooter class, but it also makes the least power from that - 7bhp at 7,500rpm. Following close on their heels, the TVS Jupiter’s 109.7cc engine has a power output of 7.9bhp at 7,500rpm. Now, the Mahindra Gusto has a 109.6cc engine, the Honda Activa and Honda Aviator have similar capacity 109.2cc engines, and these scooters make an identical 8bhp at 7,500rpm.

Torque made by the pair of Honda scooters is slightly higher than the competition at 0.9kgm produced at 5,500rpm. The Mahindra Gusto, Yamaha Alpha and the TVS Jupiter churn out a bit less than these Honda siblings - 0.8kgm at a similar 5,500rpm. All five scooters use automatic scooter typical CVT gearboxes to transfer power smoothly to their rear wheels.

The Mahindra Gusto and the Honda Aviator can pack away the largest quantity of fuel, both storing a full 6 litres. The Yamaha Alpha’s tank capacity is 5.2 litres, Honda Activa at 5.3 litres and TVS Jupiter, 5 litres.

Keeping abreast of the market, the Mahindra Gusto comes well equipped with a much required set of telescopic front suspension, with a single monoshock at the rear, just like the Yamaha Alpha, Honda Aviator and the TVS Jupiter. The Honda Activa lets buyers down in this department, deploying a set of dated and nowhere near as efficient linked twin-shock absorbers in front.

The Mahindra Gusto is the tallest scooter among this competition, with the best ground clearance at 165mm.

The Mahindra Gusto and the TVS Jupiter share the same long wheelbase measurements at 1,275mm. The Honda Activa features the shortest wheelbase of all at 1,238mm. Out of all these scooters, the homegrown Mahindra Gusto and TVS Jupiter offer larger diameter 12-inch wheels front and rear. The Honda Aviator offers a front 12-inch wheel with the option of a front disc brake, mated to a useful combined braking system. The Yamaha Alpha and Honda Activa use 10inch wheels.     

The Mahindra Gusto is the heaviest of these scooters, a disadvantage in this segment, where lightness is always going to be a big bonus, but it makes up some ground by offering a conveniently adjustable seat that can be easily moved 35mm up or down as an option, and opens backwards with a clever stopper to secure it in place when opened. The Gusto also features the convenience of an extra front storage bin.

As for pricing, the Mahindra Gusto costs Rs 43,000 for the base version, which does not come with the option to adjust seat height. The fully loaded Gusto costs Rs 47,000. The Yamaha Alpha is priced at Rs 48,000, the Honda Activa for Rs 49,700, Aviator at 56,300 and the TVS Jupiter, Rs 44,250 (all prices ex-showroom, Delhi).

Rayomand Darius

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