KTM engine maps coming soon
KTM Duke engine.

KTM engine maps coming soon

28th Apr 2014 4:30 pm

Performance junkies to gain factory approved modifications, and 24-hour Orange Assist services.

One of the most popular ways for performance enthusiasts to unlock more performance from their machines is to alter the logic within the ECU of their machines. Given the extent of customisation possible and the ease with which this can be done or undone, remapping has gained in popularity amongst owners of KTM’s Duke motorcycle range. Chipping, flashing, tweaking, call it what you may, changing the ECU settings from stock is not something manufacturers recommend and even voids the warranty offered with new KTM bikes.

Showing a firm focus towards its customers, KTM is soon to become the first manufacturer in the Indian market to offer factory approved custom maps. KTM India is developing two maps for its Dukes, a performance map and a map for city usage. These maps will be certified by KTM Austria, ensuring that the reliability and longevity of the motorcycles stay unaffected, as does the bike warranty. The new maps will be made available for installation at KTM service centres at a price. One map can be installed at a time, with switching between maps calling for another trip to the service centre. Nonetheless, the availability of factory approved performance solutions like this is good news, and is certain to up excitement.

KTM is also in the process of rolling out a roadside assistance program for KTM owners – Orange Assist. On subscription to this round-the-clock service, riders can call upon a flatbed pickup van in case of a breakdown, fuel-delivery or to avail medical coordination in case of an untoward incident. Roadside assistance is offered within a 100km radius of every KTM workshop.

Kartikeya Singhee

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