KTM and Husqvarna range to have waiting periods of up to 3 months

KTM and Husqvarna range to have waiting periods of up to 3 months

22nd May 2020 8:00 am

Supply issues and export backlog are why KTM and Husqvarna will face delays.

  • All KTM and Husqvarna models will soon have waiting periods
  • The duration will vary from model to model
  • Supply issues and export backlog are the reasons for the delay

The global pandemic has created all forms of chaos and uncertainty. Rising demand, especially for affordable vehicles as an alternative to public transport, is now expected in the short term. However, there are also going to be massive supply issues due to erratic parts supply and only partial resumption of the manufacturing process.

In such an uncertain climate, it’s no surprise that customers may have to endure waiting periods. Sources let us know that this will definitely be the case for KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles.

How long will the waiting periods be?

As dealers slowly open across the country, they will all be sitting on some level of existing stock. Once that stock is cleared is when these waiting periods will commence. The duration will differ from model to model, and the smallest of the lot, the Duke and RC 125s, are likely to see the shortest waiting periods of around one month.

Going up in capacity to the Duke 200 and RC 200, we’re told to expect a waiting period of around 45 days. Meanwhile, the Duke 250 and all 390 models, including the 390 Duke, RC 390 and the newly launched 390 Adventure are all looking at a 2-month wait. Fresh out of the oven, the new Husqvarnas have not been spared either, and we’re told that the cafe-racer style Vitpilen 250 will have a 45-day period. If you’re interested in the comfort of the scrambler-style Svartpilen 250, you’re in for a long wait of 3 months.

Why the delay?

As we mentioned above, the reasons for the delays are numerous, but some are more relevant than others. Production and supply issues will surely play a role, but there are export issues to consider as well. Sources tell us that KTM usually exports around 5,000 bikes a month, and there has now been a big backlog due to the shutdown. Indian operations have slowly resumed, but the plant is still nowhere close to full capacity production.

In the immediate future, there will be some focus on clearing the export backlog. This, especially since Europe has started to reopen, and KTM’s own plant in Austria is also operational.

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