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Kawasaki to reveal supercharged Z on October 23

3rd Oct 2019 3:28 pm

The supercharged naked Z motorcycle will be in a segment of its own, like the Kawasaki H2.

Kawasaki has released a second teaser for its upcoming naked supercharged offering. Unlike the first teaser that did not reveal much, the second one gives us a glimpse of a few components of the motorcycle. The teaser also ends with the date October 23, which is when we can expect a full reveal.

The video starts off with a shot of the headlight and the visor that sits above it – it appears that Kawasaki has opted for a headlight setup that looks similar to the ones on the Z900 and Z1000. It also showcases the company’s ‘River Mark’ emblem that sits on the visor right above the headlight, just like on the H2 models.

The next shot in the teaser video reveals the bike’s instrument cluster, which, as expected, is a fully-digital screen. The KTRC indicator, which stands for Kawasaki TRaction Control, also makes an appearance. Another frame in the video reveals an air intake that most likely feeds air to the supercharger. Along with the background music, the video also has the fluttering sound of a supercharger.

Glimpses of the bodywork also suggest that the upcoming supercharged Z will feature a similar paint scheme to the H2. Kawasaki may have a few more teasers lined-up before the unveiling on October 23. So stay tuned to Autocar India for more updates.

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