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Kawasaki files for Meguro trademark internationally

30th Jan 2019 2:07 pm

Application for new trademark hints at more retro motorcycles from the company.

Kawasaki has filed trademark applications for ‘Meguro’ in multiple international markets. Founded in 1937, Meguro was one of the first Japanese motorcycle companies that was later acquired by Kawasaki in 1960. Now, it appears as if the Japanese giant wants to re-introduce the brand in multiple markets around the world.

Meguro Manufacturing Company invested in Harley-Davidson after the Wall Street Crash in 1929 to acquire control of some of the American company’s technology, it first began manufacturing transmissions and, eventually went on to make its own bikes. Meguro was once a prestige brand; it supplied the Japanese government with motorcycles for the police and the military. The company also participated in racing events. However, bankruptcy hit the company after it launched a range of lightweight motorcycles that didn’t sell well. Meguro had a wide range of bikes on offer, all the way from a 50cc to a 500cc, which they even raced in Japan.

Kawasaki has now applied for a new trademark for the Meguro name with the European Union Intellectual Property Office for use with “two-wheeled motor vehicles; motorcycles; bicycles; structural parts for motorcycles.” The company also applied for additional trademark applications for name in the US, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.

While it remains to be seen what Kawasaki uses the Meguro brand for, we believe it would best suit retro offerings as the brand has a rich heritage. Though Kawasaki does already sell retro bikes like the Z900RS and the W800 internationally, we could see the company use the Meguro brand to develop a distinguished range of retro motorcycles.

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