Jawas sold out till September 2019, online bookings to close

Jawas sold out till September 2019, online bookings to close

24th Dec 2018 12:59 pm

Dealership level bookings will still be open and and deliveries are expected to commence in March 2019

Classic Legends has just sent out a press release confirming that the Jawa and Jawa Forty Two have been sold out till September 2019. To this extent, the company states that it wants to be transparent about its current capability to deliver motorcycles and that it will be closing online bookings at midnight on December 25, 2018. The company has stated that it will attempt to deliver these final online bookings within the September 2019 deadline as well.

Company co-founder, Anupam Thareja, stresses that the company will be working towards ramping up production, but this cannot come at the expense of quality. Thareja urges interested customers to head to dealerships to experience the motorcycles and states that test rides will be available as well. Customers who wish to can still place their bookings at the dealership, but deliveries will be executed as per the booking sequence.

Classic Legends has already opened the doors to ten dealerships across Pune, Bengaluru and Delhi NCR. Dealerships will continue to open at a rapid pace and the company plans to have over 100 outlets up and running by 15th February 2019.

Classic Legends is not revealing how many bookings it has accumulated to date, or when online bookings are expected to reopen. But by the time all the current bookings are delivered in September 2019, the more powerful, bobber-style Jawa Perak will also be available, as that bike is expected to be ready by August 2019.

Deliveries of the Jawa and Jawa Forty Two are expected to commence across the country by March 2019. As we understand, the Jawa has accumulated more bookings than the Jawa Forty Two and the preferred colour choice for the Jawa is unanimously the iconic maroon and chrome colour scheme. We spoke to a number of dealerships that are currently operational and this is what they have to say regarding delivery times:

Bengaluru has three dealerships currently and it also has the longest waiting period of up to 8 months. The dealers say that the Jawa edges past in terms of demand than the Forty Two. The popular colours for the Jawa here is maroon and grey, while the Forty Two sees more demand in green and maroon.

Pune was the first city in India to get a Jawa dealership and the current waiting period there is 6 months for both the models. The Jawa is more in demand than the Forty Two and maroon is the preferred choice of colour.

Delhi NCR:
Delhi also sees a waiting period of 6 months and once more, the Jawa is preferred more than the Forty Two. The Jawa sees more demand in maroon and black colours while the Forty Two is preferred in green, a dealer informs us.

The dealerships in Ahmedabad are yet to open, but an appointed dealer we spoke with says that online bookings are currently open and the waiting period in Ahmedabad is 2 months. Here too, the Jawa is once again more popular than the Forty Two in black and maroon colours, while the Forty Two sees more demand in green and lime colours.

All dealerships are accepting orders with a booking amount of Rs 5,000.

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