• Scout Bobber Twenty.
    Scout Bobber Twenty.
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    Vintage Dark Horse.
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    Roadmaster Limited.
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Indian Scout Bobber Twenty, Roadmaster Limited, Vintage Dark Horse coming to India

28th Oct 2020 4:43 pm

Bookings for Indian Scout Bobber Twenty, Roadmaster Limited, Vintage Dark Horse will begin soon.

Indian Motorcycle will add the 2021 Scout Bobber Twenty, Roadmaster Limited and Vintage Dark Horse to its line-up in India soon.

The cruiser motorcycle company has said that the three new models will join the current list that includes all the models of the Scout, Chief, Chieftain, FTR, Challenger, Roadmaster and Springfield. Bookings for these motorcycles will start soon.

The company’s 2021 Roadmaster line-up will now feature Apple CarPlay as standard across the line up, while Roadmaster Limited and Roadmaster Dark Horse models also get a heated and cooled seat.

Indian Scout Bobber Twenty

The Scout Bobber Twenty pays homage to the original 1920 Scout, it is styled like an old-school bobber, and features a lot of chrome and blacked-out bits. Braking continues to be handled by the floating rotors, new calipers and master cylinders like the previous-gen model. 

Like the other Scout Bobbers, the Twenty will also come equipped with new Pirelli MT 60 RS tyres. Powering it is the Indian’s 1133cc, v-twin that makes 100hp and 97.7Nm of torque. 

Indian Roadmaster Limited

Sitting higher up in the Indian portfolio is the company’s new Roadmaster Limited. This massive touring-oriented cruiser comes loaded with features to enhance the comfort levels. Powering it is an enormous 1890cc, v-twin that makes 92hp and 172.2Nm of torque. 

The Roadmaster Limited features more than 136 litres of storage space and has a 200-watt audio system. The pillion seat also has a tall backrest. All of this, however, does mean that the Roadmaster Limited is one hefty motorcycle with a kerb weight of 403kg.

Indian Vintage Dark Horse

The Dark Horse models from the company are completely blacked out when it comes to their colour scheme. Being the Vintage, it features a classic cruiser design with a large front fender and curvy styling elements. Propulsion on the Indian Vintage Dark Horse comes from a 1,811cc, v-twin that makes 92hp and 161.6Nm. Despite its retro styling, it gets modern features like cruise control and keyless ignition.

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