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Harley-Davidson Blue Edition unveiled in Zurich

15th May 2018 5:30 pm

One model commissioned for $1.88 million; features gold-plated components and 5.40-carat diamond ring; clear camshaft cover allows peek at engine internals.

Swiss watch and jewellery purveyor Bucherer tied up with German motorcycle specialists Bundnerbike to create the bizarre motorcycle you see here – the Harley-Davidson Blue Edition.

The Blue Edition started off as a Softail Slim S before being extensively overhauled, both mechanically as well as cosmetically. A bespoke hardtail frame was created, and the telescopic fork at the front was ditched for a girder fork setup. In addition, a pair of outrageous 15-spoke wheels were thrown in for good measure. The engine, however, remains mechanically unchanged, apart from a custom air-box and exhaust system.

With the mechanical bits out of the way, Bucherer took over. The levers, reservoir cap, headlight cover and foot controls are all gold-plated, while the seat is covered in cowhide, and hand-stitched in Switzerland. The engine also features a clear camshaft cover, allowing you a peek into some of the engine internals, lit by heat-resistant LED lights – hopefully you won’t feel the urge to do so whilst riding!

If that isn’t bling enough for you, Bucherer has also provided a 5.40-carat diamond ring called the Dizzler, along with a custom-made watch based on its Patravi TravelTec II model. These are each housed in cut-outs on either side of the fuel tank, surrounded by armoured glass domes, and once again lit by LEDs. As if that wasn’t sufficient, the handlebar-ends and fork-tops also feature smaller versions of the Dizzler diamond ring.

The bike derives its name from its unique blue paintjob, which covers any part of the bike that isn’t gold-plated. Achieving the distinctive surface-finish requires an elaborate process, where the parts are first silver-plated, before being layered with six coats of paint to finally arrive at the final deep blue colour.

Apart from the paintjob, the Blue Edition receives a long, flowing fuel tank that tapers towards the rear and neatly merges into the seat unit. The downward bent handlebars are low and wide, and the pegs are very forward-set in traditional chopper fashion.

The Blue Edition was unveiled at a launch event in Zurich and wears a price tag of 1.88-million USD, with only one example being made.


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