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    The Classic 350 in Redditch Red.
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    The Himalayan Sleet pre-fitted with the Explorer kit.
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Five-year insurance rule: Updated Royal Enfield price list

7th Sep 2018 12:49 pm

One-year comprehensive insurance and four-years of third-party insurance to cost Rs 8,061 on the Classic 350 (rear disc).

The Supreme Court of India recently passed a judgment declaring that third-party insurance is compulsory for every new four-wheeler and two-wheeler sold in the country after September 1, 2018. The new ruling was made in an attempt to provide relief to victims involved in vehicular accidents. However, it has brought about a considerable hike in the on-road cost of new vehicles.

Royal Enfield’s most popular model, the Classic 350 (with rear disc) has an ex-showroom price of Rs 1.47 lakh. However, with the RTO charges and the new mandatory insurance ruling, it now has a minimum on-road cost of Rs 1.73 lakh. The Rs 1.73 lakh price includes Rs 8,061 for the mandatory one-year comprehensive insurance and the four-year third-party coverage, together amounting to five years of insurance.

The price increases to Rs 9,052, if you go for the optional one-year zero-depreciation insurance and four-year third-party insurance, which together amount to five years of insurance. If you were to opt for five years of comprehensive insurance that figure would go up to Rs 14,815. However, if you were looking to get the highest coverage on offer – a five-year, zero-depreciation insurance – that amount now is Rs 19,765. To put that into perspective, the on-road cost for the Classic 350 (with rear disc) with the highest insurance cover is Rs 1.85 lakh!

Here is a table of all of the updated prices:

Royal Enfield price list (Mumbai)
ModelEx-showroomRTO charges1 yr. Comp. + 4 yr. TPOn-road Optional 1 yr. Zero Dep. + 4 yr. TPOptional 5 yr. Comp.Optional 5 yr. Zero Dep.
Bullet STD - 350 UCE1,16,20714,8247,7811,38,8128,56313,11216,725
Bullet 350 Electric Start1,30,49516,5737,9101,54,9788,78913,89818,286
Bullet 5001,68,48021,22217,2732,06,97518,40725,21330,879
Classic 350 (rear disc brake)1,47,19518,6178,0611,73,8739,05214,81519,765
Classic 350 Gun Grey1,48,11318,7298,0701,74,9129,06714,86519,486
Classic Signals 3501,61,98420,4278,1951,90,6069,28615,62721,075
Classic 5001,84,93823,23617,4292,25,60318,67426,14427,389
Classic 500 Matte1,87,87023,59517,4562,28,92118,72126,31132,629
Classic 500 Chrome1,95,37124,51317,5282,37,41218,84326,73533,305
Thunderbird 3501,49,75018,9298,0841,76,7639,09314,95519,991
Thunderbird 5001,90,87223,96317,4852,32,32018,77026,48033,597
Thunderbird 350X1,56,58119,7668,1461,84,4939,20015,33020,596
Thunderbird 500X1,98,60424,90917,5582,41,07118,89526,91833,597
Himalayan ABS1,78,83322,48917,3712,18,69318,57525,79931,813
Himalayan Sleet ABS1,80,66922,71417,3882,20,77118,60425,90331,979

*All ex-showroom and on-road prices are for Mumbai.

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