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BMW R 18 B, R 18 Transcontinental on the way

1st Jul 2021 9:52 am

Recent type-approval documents show bagger and a full-fat tourer versions of the R 18 in the works.

BMW will be adding two new models to its R 18 line-up – an R 18 B bagger and an R 18 Transcontinental full-fat tourer.

  • Will share 1,802cc boxer twin engine with the existing models
  • Both new models will get hard panniers
  • The Transcontinental will most likely also get a top box

BMW R 18: model line-up

BMW made a bold move with its R 18 cruiser a couple of years ago, foraying into a space traditionally occupied by the likes of Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycle. Now, according to recent type-approval documents, the Bavarian brand is gearing up to expand the R 18 line-up with two new models – a bagger and a full-fat tourer.

BMW R 18: new models

The R 18 B will feature a batwing-style headlight fairing and hard panniers. The Transcontinental will be largely similar, but documents show that it will be longer and heavier, indicating that it will also feature a top box in addition to the panniers. The documents also reveal that the Transcontinental will be the taller of the two, suggesting that it could carry a taller screen than the B.

BMW R 18: underpinnings

Even though their overall lengths are longer than the standard R 18, their wheelbase is actually shorter, indicating that there could be revisions to the frame as well. In the pictures, these two new models certainly seem to have a sharper rake angle than the standard R 18. The alloy wheels on the R 18 B will measure 19inches at the front and 16inches at the rear, though a 21-inch front and 18-inch rear option have also been approved.

BMW R 18: engine, price and availability

The engine will remain the same 1,802cc boxer-twin seen in the standard R 18, with unchanged output figures of 91hp and 158Nm. As far as cost is concerned, expect these two models to cost significantly more than the R 18 and R 18 Classic. That’s because they’re expected to come with features like a massive Bluetooth-equipped TFT dash, built-in stereo system and even optional radar-assisted adaptive cruise control. For reference, the R 18 range in India currently costs between Rs 19.90-24 lakh. Once they make their international debut, it’s highly likely that the B and Transcontinental will make their way over to India.


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