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BluArmor releases particulate filter for its helmet coolers

29th Jul 2020 12:30 pm

The Blu-o2 filter is designed to work with the BluArmor Blu3 E20 and A10 air coolers for helmets.

BluArmor is a Bengaluru based start-up that makes helmet coolers designed to boost rider comfort in hot climates. The company has now released the new Blu-o2 particulate filter, which is designed to work with these cooling devices.

  • Increases filtration efficiency by twenty times.

  • Works with BluArmor’s Blu3 E20 and A10 helmet air-coolers.

  • Can be used for up to 45 days.

The new Blu-o2 particulate filter is compatible with both models of BluArmor’s air-coolers – the Bluetooth-enabled Blu3 E20 and the more basic Blu3 A10. However, it is not compatible with previous-generation models. BluArmor has released three generations of its helmet air-coolers over the years. These helmet air-coolers use an evaporative cooling effect to send a stream of cool air to the rider’s face and you can read our recent review of the latest Blu3 E20 air cooler for a full understanding of how they work.

Both Blu3 air coolers already provide the user with some level of dust protection when the cartridge is wet with water to create the evaporative cooling effect. The new Blu-o2 particulate filter is sold as an accessory that works alongside the abovementioned cooling cartridge, providing a claimed 20x improvement in particulate matter filtration. 

BluArmor doesn’t quote any virus protection in particular, but it says that the new filter can block particles upwards of 5 microns in size, while stating that ‘most airborne allergens are larger than 5 microns in size’. It is worth noting that even with the cooler installed, no helmet will form a perfect seal around the rider’s face – some air will still flow in from under the jaw, even with the visor closed. Nevertheless, this new filter should provide a stream of much cleaner cool air to the rider’s face, and that’s always a good thing in our polluted cities.

BluArmor says they have co-developed the Blu-o2 particulate filter with Zip Filters, a company that specialises in aftermarket car-cabin air filters. However, with such fine filtration, BluArmor says to expect a 25 percent reduction in air-flow performance from the Blu3 E20 air cooler. The company claims a safe usage period of 45 days before the filter must be discarded. It also recommends weekly cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or brush. 

The Blu-o2 is sold in a packet of two filters for a price of Rs 399 and can be purchased off the company’s website.

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