Benelli TNT 25 vs rivals: specs comparison

Benelli TNT 25 vs rivals: specs comparison

8th Mar 2015 7:00 am

We pit the newly unveiled Benelli TNT 25 against the KTM 200 Duke, 390 Duke and the Honda CBR 250R in a comparison on paper.

DSK Motowheels recently unveiled a five-bike strong Benelli line-up at the India Bike Week 2015, to be launched in India on March 19, 2015. Alongside, they also unveiled three new motorcycles coming to India, Benelli’s TNT 25 and TreK 1130 Amazonas, alongside the Keeway Blackster, which could be sold under a different brand name when it reaches Indian roads.

We’ve just pitted the TNT 25 against the competition it shall face here, the KTM 200 and 390 Dukes, and the Honda CBR250R.


All the motorcycles here have liquid-cooled engines. The KTM Duke 390 has a displacement advantage over the rest, making 373.3cc from its single cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. The Benelli TNT 25 is equipped with a 249.2cc single-cylinder engine, whose displacement is the same as the Honda CBR 250R. The KTM 200 Duke displaces 199.5cc.

KTM 200 Duke199.5cc
KTM 390 Duke373.3cc
Benelli TNT 25249.2cc
Honda CBR 250R249.6cc



The KTM 390 Duke produces the maximum power too - 42.4bhp. The Benelli TNT 25 aims to compete with the Honda CBR 250R and the younger KTM Duke sibling. The three bikes make almost the same amount of power - the KTM 200 Duke at 24.7bhp, the Benelli TNT 25 makes 24.1bhp and the Honda CBR 250R 26.1bhp.

KTM 200 Duke24.7bhp at 10,000rpm
KTM 390 Duke42.4bhp at 9,000rpm
Benelli TNT 2524.1bhp at 9,000rpm
Honda CBR 250R26.1bhp at 8,500rpm


The TNT 25's engine is a fairly torquey unit, producing 2.1kgm at an early 7,000rpm, which is similar to the Honda CBR250R that produces 2.3kgm of torque at 7,000rpm. The leader of the pack is still the KTM Duke 390 that produces 3.57kgm of torque at 7,000rpm.

KTM 200 Duke1.94kgm at 8,000rpm
KTM 390 Duke3.57kgm at 7,000rpm
Benelli TNT 252.1kgm at 7,000rpm
Honda CBR 250R2.3kgm at 7,000rpm

Fuel tank capacity

Both the KTM Dukes have a 11 litre fuel tank, which isn't the most ideal for long distance touring. But this helps keep the kerb weight as low as possible. The TNT 25 has a large 16.5 litre fuel tank, good for longer distances in comparison to the other bikes.

MotorcycleFuel tank capacity
KTM 200 Duke11 litres
KTM 390 Duke11 litres
Benelli TN T2516.5 litres
Honda CBR 250R13 litres


Out of the models compared, the KTM Dukes and Benelli TNT 25 get upmarket USD front suspension and a rear monoshock, supporting a box section swingarm. The Honda CBR250R loses out to stick by a conventional telescopic suspension system in front, but does match up with a monoshock at rear.

MotorcycleFront suspensionRear suspension
KTM 200 DukeUSD forksMonoshock, alloy swingarm
KTM 390 DukeUSD forksMonoshock, alloy swingarm
Benelli TN T25USD forksMonoshock, box section swingarm
Honda CBR 250RTelescopic forksMonoshock, box section swingarm


At a time when India has crippling road safety measures, safety features for motorcycles should be prioritised. Our government is also working on making ABS brakes mandatory for all motorcycles above certain cubic capacity. Currently, only the KTM 390 Duke and the Honda CBR250R get proper ABS braking systems; none of the other bikes get this safety feature.

MotorcycleFront brakesRear brakes
KTM 200 Duke280mm disc230mm disc
KTM 390 Duke300mm disc (ABS)230mm disc (ABS)
Benelli TNT25280mm disc240mm disc
Honda CBR 250R296mm disc (ABS)220mm disc (ABS)


The lightest motorcycle here is the KTM 200 Duke, a nimble and easy to use bike, whose kerb weight is 136.4kg. The Benelli TNT 25 weighs 150kg, closely followed by the KTM 390 Duke at 154kg. The Honda CBR 250R weighs 167kg. 

MotorcycleKerb weight
KTM 200 Duke136.4kg
KTM 390 Duke154kg
Benelli TNT 25150kg
Honda CBR 250R 167kg


The KTM Duke siblings are the tallest and the widest motorcycles here. The Benelli TNT 25 has the longest wheelbase and body length here. 

MotorcycleL/W/H (mm)
KTM 200 Duke2002/873/1274
KTM 390 Duke2002/873/1274
Benelli TNT 252080/805/1090
Honda CBR 250R 2032/720/1127


A lot of times, selecting a motorcycle boils down to reasonable pricing. The best value-for-money motorcycle here that also offers excellent performance is the KTM 390 Duke, priced at Rs 2 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). The KTM 200 Duke is another fairly priced option at Rs 1.45 lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai), with all the basic features any capable sportsbike should offer. Honda though has priced the CBR250R at a solid premium (Rs 1.89 lakh ex-showroom, Delhi), for which the only tangible benefit is offering a fairing.

Motorcycle Price (ex-showroom, Delhi)
KTM 200 DukeRs 1,44,500 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi)
KTM 390 DukeRs 2,00,000 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi)
Benelli TNT 25Rs 1.50 - 2 lakh (estimated)
Honda CBR 250R Rs 1,88,600 lakh (ex-showroom, delhi)

While we don't yet have the pricing for the Benelli TNT 25, it is likely this may be priced anywhere in the region of Rs 1.5-2 lakhs when it comes to India. If so, the TNT 25 should make a good value proposition, and will stir up the competition fighting with its able segment rivals. Also, let's not forget another new addition soon to join this group, the upcoming Bajaj Pulsar SS200, certain to reach Indian roads before the TNT 25.

More after we get astride the new TNT25.



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