Bajaj hikes prices across its range

Bajaj hikes prices across its range

8th Jan 2021 4:07 pm

Every Pulsar variant, from the Pulsar 125 to the 220F has gone up in price.

Bajaj has increased prices of its entire line-up for 2021. The list includes the recently launched Dominar 250 and every Pulsar model.

  • The Bajaj Dominar 400 now costs nearly Rs 2 lakh

  • The Pulsar 150’s price has crossed the Rs 1 lakh mark

  • Price hike ranges from around Rs 500 to Rs 3,500

As expected, many manufacturers have increased prices from January 1, 2021. The company has joined the likes of Hero, Kawasaki, KTM and Husqvarna to hike prices.

Bajaj’s price hike ranges from around Rs 500 to Rs 3,500, depending on the motorcycle.

Here is the entire list:

Bajaj prices (as on January 8, 2021)
ModelOld priceNew priceIncrease
Dominar 250Rs 1,64,218Rs 1,67,718Rs 3,500
Dominar 400Rs 1,96,258Rs 1,99,755Rs 3,479
Avenger Cruise 220Rs 1,21,113Rs 1,24,634Rs 3,521
Avenger Street 160Rs 99,597Rs 1,02,592Rs 2,995
Pulsar RS200Rs 1,50,681Rs 1,52,179Rs 1,498
Pulsar NS200Rs 1,29,722Rs 1,33,222Rs 3,500
Pulsar NS160Rs 1,07,091Rs 1,10,086Rs 2,995
Pulsar 220FRs 1,21,747Rs 1,25,248Rs 3,501
Pulsar 180FRs 1,11,520Rs 1,14,515Rs 2,995
Pulsar 150 NeonRs 91,130Rs 94,125Rs 2,995
Pulsar 150Rs 98,086Rs 1,01,082Rs 2,996
Pulsar 150 Dual DiscRs 1,01,984Rs 1,04,979Rs 2,995
Pulsar 125 NeonRs 71,123Rs 71,615Rs 492
Pulsar 125 Split SeatRs 71,615Rs 74,298Rs 2,683
Platina 100 ESRs 60,826Rs 63,578Rs 2,752
Platina 110 H-GearRs 63,027Rs 64,301Rs 1,274
CT 110Rs 52,147Rs 54,138Rs 1,991

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