10 most expensive bikes on sale in India

10 most expensive bikes on sale in India

27th May 2021 11:28 am

If money is no object to you, here are ten of the most exotic two-wheeled creations to splurge on.

This list will evolve as more BS6 big bikes get launched in India, particularly when brands like Indian finally launch their BS6 range. However, as of today, here are the ten most expensive motorcycles currently on sale in India:

10. Kawasaki Z H2 SE

Price - Rs 25.90 lakh

Kawasaki’s naturally-aspirated litre-class bikes are rather affordable, but if you want to buy into its supercharged H2 range then your entry point is the Z H2 hypernaked streetfighter. At ‘only’ 200hp, it’s actually down on power to the Streetfighter V4. But the 137Nm torque figure is absolutely monstrous, and thanks to the supercharger, most of it is available through the meat of the rev range. You get goodies like cruise control and a TFT screen with Bluetooth connectivity, and on this top-spec SE version, you’re also treated to electronic Showa Skyhook suspension and range-topping Brembo Stylema calipers.



9. Indian Vintage

Price - Rs 25.82 lakh to 26.63 lakh

The first of the big American cruisers on this list is the Indian Vintage, complete with Indian’s massive 1,890cc Thunderstroke 116 V-twin motor. The bike may look old school, but the engine is pretty modern, and even features technology like cylinder deactivation. You also get three ride modes, cruise control and keyless operation. The standard Vintage features almost ludicrous amounts of chrome, and if that isn’t to your liking, then you can opt for the more subdued Vintage Dark Horse, with its matte grey colour scheme. Mind you, it does command an extra Rs 81,000 on the ex-showroom price tag.



8. Harley-Davidson Road King

Price - Rs 26.99 lakh

Sliding a little further up Harley's touring range, we arrive at the aptly named Road King. It's powered by the same 1,746cc V-twin motor as the Electra Glide above, but the 'King’ offers a whole host of electronic aids under Harley's Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) banner. These include cornering ABS and traction control, electronic linked brakes, engine braking control, hill-hold control and a tyre pressure monitoring system.



7. Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special

Price - Rs 31.99 lakh

Kitted out with Harley’s flagship Milwaukee-Eight 114 motor displacing a whopping 1,868cc, the Street Glide Special makes you the master of 163Nm of torque at the twist of your wrist. Just as well, then, that it packs in the RDRS electronic aids as standard. For the price, Harley is also gracious enough to throw in a Bluetooth-enabled infotainment system controlled via a 6.5-inch colour TFT screen.


6. Indian Springfield

Price - Rs 33.06 lakh

Built for the long haul, the Indian Springfield is the brand’s first of two motorcycles on this list from the ‘Bagger’ lineup. It gets the same 1,890cc Thunderstroke 116 motor as the Vintage listed above, so it also shares the mammoth 171Nm torque output. The fact that peak torque kicks in at just 3,000rpm should make this a pretty effortless highway mile-muncher. Like the Vintage, the Springfield gets three ride modes, cruise control, keyless ignition and cylinder deactivation, and also a tyre pressure monitoring system to boot. The main differences are that the Springfield gets vinyl seats and remote-locking hard saddlebags while the Vintage stays true to its name and offers leather seats and leather saddlebags.



5. Indian Chieftain Dark Horse/Chieftain Limited

Price - Rs 33.29 lakh to 33.54 lakh

The second model from Indian’s Bagger lineup is the Chieftain. It’s offered in two trim levels - Dark Horse (Rs 33.29 lakh, ex-showroom) and Limited (Rs 33.54 lakh, ex-showroom), and as you’d expect, the former features a more understated, darker paint scheme with very little chrome. Both versions are loaded to the brim with features, coming with a 100-watt infotainment system that features Bluetooth connectivity and Apple CarPlay. You also get full-LED lighting, power-locked saddlebags and an electric windscreen.



4. Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special

Price - Rs 34.99 lakh

In the absence of the CVO, the Road Glide Special is the pinnacle of Harley-Davidson’s lineup in India, and carries a price tag to suit that position. Like the more affordable Street Glide, the Road Glide Special also packs in a Milwaukee-Eight 114 motor that’s reigned in by the RDRS electronics. Likewise, the infotainment system is also the same. The difference comes from the Road Glide’s frame-mounted fairing, compared to the Street Glide’s fork-mounted unit. The feeling of luxury aboard these bikes is further enhanced by keyless operation, which also extends to the saddlebags - one touch is all it takes to lock and unlock them.



3. Indian Roadmaster

Price - Rs 43.21 lakh to 43.96 lakh

At the summit of Indian’s lineup sits the imposing Roadmaster. This being the flagship model, it gets all the features that the Chieftain gets, and then some. Both rider and pillion are seated in utmost luxury aboard heated seats that come as standard! You also get heated grips, and with 140-litres of weatherproof storage on-board, it’s more like a shrunken camper-van than a very large motorcycle.



2. BMW M 1000 RR

Price - Rs 42 lakh to 45 lakh

With its eye-watering price tag, carbon-fibre winglets, a sharper chassis and even more power, the BMW M 1000 RR makes the S 1000 RR seem positively bourgeois, even though the former is based on the latter. Power is up by5hp to 212hp and the wings produce a claimed 16.3kg at 299kph. For an extra Rs 3 lakh, the Competition variant throws in a lighter swingarm, an M carbon parts package and an M milled parts package, as well as BMW's innovative new DLC-coated maintenance-free chain.



1. 2019 Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Price - Rs 79.90 lakh

The maddest bike in the H2 stable is also the most expensive bike on sale in India, and by a humongous margin. The numbers on the H2R are almost beyond belief – a stratospheric 326hp (with Ram Air) and 165Nm of torque – all from just a 998cc supercharged engine. Fortunately (or unfortunately), the H2R isn’t a street-legal motorcycle so buyers can use it only at the track. Over its lifetime, the Ninja H2R has been updated with Brembo Stylema brakes, a special self-healing paint job and a new supercharged emblem on the engine casing.

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