10 most expensive bikes on sale in India

10 most expensive bikes on sale in India

6th Aug 2019 6:21 pm

If money is no object to you, here are ten of the most exotic two-wheeled creations to splurge on.

10. 2019 Kawasaki Ninja H2

Price - Rs 34.99 lakh

While Rs 34.99 lakh may seem like a lot, it makes the Ninja H2 the most affordable motorcycle on this list. For 2019, the hypersport motorcycle gets a new intake system, ECU, tyres, brakes and lot more. Grabbing the headlines is its 31hp hike in power, which now stands at 231hp. Torque is also up by 8.2Nm, taking the superbike's total torque output to 141.7Nm. The hypersport motorcycle also gets a special “self-healing” paint job.

9. Indian Chieftain Limited

Price - Rs 39.19 lakh

The Chieftain line of motorcycles is Indian’s equivalent of the Harley Davidson Touring range – massive motorcycles made to conquer highways – and the Chieftain Limited is the most expensive one of the lot. The 2019 Chieftain Limited features the Ride Command system that the brand claims has the largest screen, and the fastest and most customisable user interface on two wheels. It features navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, vehicle information and more. Other equipment includes a premium audio system that automatically adjusts for riding conditions and cruise control. The 1,811cc Thunder Stroke III V-twin that produces 161Nm of torque makes long highway cruises a breeze, and the adjustable windscreen, saddlebags and custom seats only make the journey easier.

8. 2019 Kawasaki Ninja H2 Carbon

Price - Rs 41.79 lakh

If even the H2 isn’t exclusive enough for you, Kawasaki has another bike that takes it up a notch (or two). Dubbed the H2 Carbon, this bike has a carbon-fibre upper-cowl that adds to its visual drama. It is powered by the same engine fitted on the 2019 Ninja H2 which makes 231hp and 141.7Nm of torque. The H2 Carbon also gets the new intake system, ECU, tyres, brakes and special self-healing paint job seen on the Ninja H2.

7. Indian Roadmaster 

Price - Rs 42.15 lakh

The Roadmaster is the Springfield manufacturer’s take on a cross-country cruiser. It gets a touchscreen Ride Command system, an electric front screen, adjustable footboards, keyless ignition, heated grips and heated seats. Indian Motorcycle had also sold one unit of the exclusive Roadmaster Elite for Rs 48 lakh (ex-showroom), earlier this year. You can read more about that model here.

6. Harley-Davidson CVO

Price - Rs 50.53 lakh

This is the most expensive motorcycle sold by ‘The Company’. 'CVO' stands for Custom Vehicle Operations and the motorcycle exclusively gets the manufacturer's most powerful engine – the 1,923cc Milwaukee Eight 117 – along with heated seats, heated grips, an audio system, Bluetooth headsets, a colour screen and keyless locking/unlocking.

5. Ducati Panigale V4 Speciale

Price - Rs 51.8 lakh

The standard Panigale V4 offers more performance and style than most people will require. However, Ducati seem to have felt otherwise because this is the Panigale V4 Speciale – an even more special Panigale V4. Limited to just 1,500 units, the extra money will get you adjustable foot pegs, an Alcantara-trimmed seat, carbon bits and a lot of attention. It also gets a beautifully crafted Akrapovic titanium exhaust that takes the power to 226hp, up from what is already a mind-boggling 214hp on the stock bike. 

4. Ducati Panigale V4 R

Price - Rs 51.87 lakh

The Panigale V4 R is the homologated version of the already-manic Panigale V4. The 998cc motor (the stock Panigale V4 features a 1,103cc engine) is a derivative of the Ducati Desmosedici GP racer – with identical bore and stroke – and churns out a whopping 221hp at 15,250rpm and 112Nm of peak torque at 11,500rpm. There is also an optional aftermarket Akrapovič racing exhaust system that bumps the power output to 234hp at 15,500rpm. At Rs 51.87 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) the Panigale V4 R is one of the most powerful production motorcycles to go on sale in the country.

3. Ducati Panigale V4 25° Anniversario 916 

Price – Rs 54.90 lakh

This limited-edition Panigale V4 celebrates 25 years of the company’s iconic 916. Called the Panigale V4 25° Anniversario 916, the motorcycle is limited to 500 units and is the most expensive iteration of the V4. The Ducati 916 is accountable for some of Ducati’s most impressive racing statistics – 120 race wins, eight constructors' titles and six riders' titles. A bike that’s a homage to it certainly has to have a lot on offer, and this limited edition sure does. The 25° Anniversario 916 shares most of its mechanicals, like the engine and suspension, with the Panigale V4 S, while using the sportier frame from the V4 R. It also features a dry clutch, and gets track-specific electronics, such as Ducati Quick Shift EVO 2 and Ducati Traction Control EVO 2. It also runs forged-magnesium Marchesini Racing wheels, a titanium Akrapovič exhaust and a long list of carbon-fibre and billet-aluminium components.

2. 2019 Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Price - Rs 75.80 lakh

The maddest bike in the H2 stable is also the second-most expensive bike on sale in India – and by a considerable margin. The numbers on the H2R are almost beyond belief – a stratospheric 326hp (with Ram Air) and 165Nm of torque – all from just a 998cc supercharged engine. Fortunately (or unfortunately) the H2R isn’t a street-legal motorcycle – primarily because it comes shod with slick tyres – so buyers can use it only at the track. The 2019 Ninja H2R has been updated with Brembo Stylema brakes, the special self-healing paintjob and the new supercharged emblem on the engine casing.

1. BMW HP4 Race

Price – Rs 86.70 lakh

Topping the list is BMW Motorrad's most exclusive production motorcycle. Priced at Rs 85 lakh (ex-showroom), the BMW HP4 Race is the most expensive motorcycle on sale in India. What makes the elusive BMW motorcycle stand out in terms of looks is its extensive use of carbon fibre. It’s the first production bike in the world to offer a mainframe made entirely of carbon fibre, which weighs just 7.8kg.

The bike also features carbon-fibre wheels and by employing lightweight materials, the HP4 Race tips the scale at just 171kg – the standard motorcycle weighs 208kg. As expected, the bike features top-shelf cycle parts and the motor has been tuned to pump out 215hp. The HP4 Race is, understandably, a track-only motorcycle and isn’t road-legal. You can read more about this German beast here.

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