Kawasaki Ninja 300 spares get more affordable

22nd Jan 2019 12:19 pm

Components for the 300cc bike, like the fairing and brakes, are now up to 10 times cheaper.


Back in July 2018, Kawasaki brought the price down of the Ninja 300 by Rs 62,000, from Rs 3.60 lakh to Rs 2.98 lakh (ex-showroom, India). The company did this by heavily localising many of the motorcycles’ components and, as you’d expect, the cost of buying these components individually also reduced significantly.

To begin with, here is how components that need replacement during certain intervals have been priced. The clutch cable now costs Rs 250, down from Rs 1,860. The throttle cables, meanwhile, are down to Rs 330 (opening) and Rs 290 (closing) from their original costs of Rs 1,950 each. Front and rear brake pads now cost Rs 780 each, instead of Rs 2,790. The discs, meanwhile, have seen a huge drop to Rs 2,100 (front) and Rs 2,310 (rear) from Rs 28,460 (front) and Rs 19,020 (rear).

As for the tyres, the new MRFs are priced at Rs 2,690 (front) and Rs 4,280 (rear) as compared to the IRCs that costed Rs 10,610 (front) and Rs 17,240 (rear). What hasn’t changed is the cost of the chain/sprocket set, which is pricey at Rs 14,440 and still nearly five times what KTM charges for the same. The cost of the clutch (Rs 5,100) and pressure plates (Rs 3,030) are the same as before as well.

Other components like the brake and clutch levers see a smaller price drop. The brake lever is now down from Rs 900 to Rs 440, while the clutch lever is now down from Rs 1,480 to Rs 650. The localised turn indicators have been priced at Rs 470 each, reduced from the original cost of Rs 2,780 each. The most eye-catching price drops, however, are the ones to each side of the cowl (more popularly known as the fairing); they now cost Rs 5,270 each, which is almost 10 times less than the original cost of Rs 52,280 each.

Kawasaki has also reduced the cost of the front wheel assembly from Rs 44,970 to Rs 5,920. The rear wheel assembly meanwhile is now down to Rs 7,330 from Rs 48,180.

Old pricesNew prices
Clutch cableRs 1860Rs 250
Throttle cable openingRs 1950Rs 330
Throttle cable closingRs 1950Rs 290
Front brake padsRs 2790Rs 780
Rear brake padsRs 2790Rs 780
Brake leverRs 900Rs 440
Clutch leverRs 1480Rs 650
Front tyreRs 10610Rs 2690
Rear tyreRs 17240Rs 4280
Cowling right sideRs 52280Rs 5270
Cowling left sideRs 52280Rs 5270
Turn signal (each)Rs 2780Rs 470
Front wheel assemblyRs 44970Rs 5920
Rear wheel assemblyRs 48180Rs 7330
Front discRs 28460Rs 2100
Rear discRs 19020Rs 2310

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