2018 TVS Ntorq 125 long term review, final report

2018 TVS Ntorq 125 long term review, final report

22nd Jul 2019 7:00 am

It’s time to say a reluctant goodbye to the eager little Ntorq.

In my career as a motoring journalist, scooter long-termers invariably end up in my hands, and I invariably grow bored after a few months and return to a geared motorcycle. The Ntorq was different. I laid claim to it the day it arrived and (almost) never let go till the long-term period of one year ran out. This, despite the temptation of an RR 310 and an Interceptor 650 in our garage. Why? Well, my 35km daily round trip commute has a mix of fast-flowing traffic peppered with a few regular bottlenecks along the way.

The Ntorq’s peppy performance is a lot of fun, and the exhaust note eggs you on, too.

Obviously, nothing beats a scooter in jammed traffic, but most scooters would be out of their element in fast-moving traffic. Not this one – it holds 80kph with ease, the suspension keeps things stable and comfy and it can slow down in a hurry when you need it to. The combination of scooter practicality with fun performance, good comfort and accommodating ergonomics for tall riders is what made me so fond of the Ntorq.

One of the few scooters on the market that comfortably accommodates a tall rider.

Everything hasn’t been perfect through the year, and in our last report, which you’ll find on our website, I did list out a few niggles that were bothering me. Typically proactive, TVS addressed most of them easily, as they were issues with pre-production models (our long-termer is one) that have been fixed on the production machines that you can buy. So, the new fuel-filler cap that was fitted now stays open and doesn’t flop over. The instrument cluster was also replaced, and as a result, the fuel gauge is now more accurate. As for the fuel efficiency, well that’s stayed the way it was –the Ntorq is decently efficient if you ride carefully, but it’s like a drinking buddy who just won’t quit if you keep the throttle pinned to the stop. That’s the way I enjoy riding this scooter, though, so I don’t mind the more frequent tank ups.

The downside of all that fun is that the fuel level drops fast if you’re hard on the gas.

What about the many gadgets? The digital screen is a treat, and the clock is something I sorely miss having on the Interceptor 650 I’ve just moved to. I’ve only used the navigation function twice in all this time, but it’s good knowing that it’s there. I like the cheeky exhaust sound too, but what really seals the deal for me is that the Ntorq is one of the most affordable 125cc scooters in the market. If I had the need for one, there’s no doubt that this would be the scooter I’d have in my garage. Until then, goodbye my cheerful friend, the memories will always be fond.

Braking force has never been a problem, but feel at the lever has always been lacking.

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Fact File
Distance covered 6552km
Price when new Rs 60,200 (ex-showroom, Delhi)
Maintenance costs None
Faults None
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