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Sponsored feature: What drives Atul Kasbekar?

15th Jun 2017 10:53 pm

This photographer will stop at nothing for the perfect shot. And go the distance to get it.


Ace fashion photographer Atul Kasbekar is driven by his passion for photography. It is what wakes him up and keeps him going. It is a drive to constantly set the bar higher in an unending pursuit of excellence. So, how does this Swedish model tick all the right boxes for him? 

Let’s take a closer look at the Volvo XC60 that has caught this photographer’s imagination. 

For a man of Kasbekar’s aesthetic sensibility, design and style are matters of importance. Traditionally, SUVs have been all about looking butch and intimidating. Volvo’s attractive XC60 with its sharp and sleek design marks a refreshing departure from the typical SUV template. It has the lithe athletism of a gymnast rather than the pumped up steroid looks of a weightlifter. It doesn’t mean it’s any less robust though. The Volvo’s build is impeccable. It feels tough, solidly built and large. But larger still is the genuine vibe of luxury around it, down to the precision with which the doors close.

This theme of luxury is magnified when you enter the spacious and opulent cabin. There’s plenty of piano-lacquered wood, bevelled brushed aluminium frames and beautifully double- stitched two-tone leather seats that make you want to touch them. This luxury is wrapped in technology as can be seen in Volvo’s customisable TFT display instrument cluster. The display can be adjusted to any of three modes, namely Performance, Eco and Elegance, each with its own theme for colours and layout.

While Volvo is famous for making super-safe cars, Volvo also makes some of the most comfortable cars on the planet. The seats on the XC60 are simply brilliant that ensconce you in opulence. That’s because they were designed in consultation with an orthopaedic surgeon. Moreover, there’s plenty of legroom in the rear of the car, enough for a six-footer to sit behind a six-footer and be comfortable. So when Atul Kasbekar who himself is a tall man, has to drive his tall models around, everyone is comfortable and fresh for the shoot.

From behind the wheel of this SUV, you get an impression of invincibility. For starters, the thick wood-rimmed steering wheel feels special. And it’s not just the wheel. The steering is beautifully weighted, the XC60 muscles its way down the road impressively. In ‘Comfort’ mode the dampers and widely spaced suspension towers absorb all sorts of rough patches and craters without too much deviation of the car. In fact, bump absorption is so good that you just tend to drive over bad bits without really slowing down. Moreover, all-wheel drive and torque vectoring ensure handling is predictable at all times and you can adjust the level of steering assist to your liking as well. Since a photographer like Kasbekar spends a lot of time shooting at locations that are off the beaten path, his Volvo XC60 will take him anywhere and back, in luxurious comfort. 

The XC60 is available with a 2.4-litre, five-cylinder diesel in two states of tune. Punching out 218hp, the more powerful D5 version has locomotive-like power across the rev range and the performance will keep a grin plastered on your face. So, what it all boils down to is a car that appeals not just to your head but also your heart.  To know more about XC60, Click here

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