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Sponsored feature: Top Myths Busted About CNG Cars | S-CNG Technology

21st Jun 2019 7:38 pm

In the market for a CNG car? Read this before you sign on the dotted line.


Greener mobility is the need of the hour and so is the need to keep fuel costs in check. That is where CNG cars come in; and with good reason. Factory-fitted CNG vehicles, like Maruti Suzuki’s S-CNG cars, are well-engineered, reliable, smooth to drive, and most importantly, an economical option for everyday driving.

That said, many of us, as conscious buyers, survey anything and everything to understand the advantages and disadvantages of CNG cars before buying. 

Now, as per a report by Nomura Research Institute, if the necessary infrastructure is put in place, CNG cars are likely to account for 50 percent of vehicle sales in India by 2030. In fact, the government has drawn up a Natural Gas Infrastructure Development Plan that aims to set up 10,000 CNG stations over the next decade. This means we could well be seeing a larger number of CNG cars, which translates to several upcoming CNG models in the next few years. However, despite the increasing shift towards CNG cars, there are several myths that surround CNG cars today. These misconceptions relate to performance/acceleration, mileage and safety.

Here, we bust some of these myths.

MYTH 1: CNG cars are very sluggish to drive

Modern CNG-equipped cars, especially factory-fitted vehicles such as the S-CNG cars from Maruti Suzuki, utilise dual interdependent ECUs with an Intelligent Injection System which ensures smooth pickup and drivability. 

MYTH 2: CNG cars might not be safe

This is only true for retro-fitted CNG cars, where the fitment is done by a local mechanic who might tamper with the electrical system of your car. In the case of factory fitted S-CNG cars, the whole installation process is undertaken by qualified engineers on an assembly line. Wiring harness is integrated which minimises the risk of short circuits. Also, this kit comes with a leak-proof design, and stainless-steel pipes and joints which prevent leakage and ensure complete safety.

MYTH 3: CNG impacts the longevity of the engine

There is no reason why a CNG model can't last as long as a petrol or a diesel-powered car. Maruti Suzuki’s factory-fitted S-CNG cars, for example, use specially designed valve seats and mounting parts in the cylinder heads to ensure the longevity of the engine.

While these myths pertain mainly due to retro-fitted CNG units, these are not of any concern with respect to factory-fitted CNG cars. Maruti Suzuki S-CNG cars which come with factory-fitted CNG have great performance, are safer and have significantly lower running costs. More importantly, CNG models deliver an impressive mileage. Maruti Suzuki claims that its Wagon-R can deliver a mileage of 33.54 km/kg.

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