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Special feature: The Flying Lap

9th Nov 2020 12:40 pm

A race like you’ve never seen before – the fantastic Ford EcoSport gets challenged by an FPV Drone!


Over the years, the Ford EcoSport has taken on everything – but a drone? That’s a first, surely. It’s not just any drone, mind you, but a racing FPV (first person view) drone. This carbon-fibre drone is custom made and mostly hand-assembled, save for the immensely powerful quad motors and the battery pack. Sure, it was a credible challenge, given the agility and sheer speed of this drone, capable of exceeding 180kmph, but that Blue Oval badge doesn’t enjoy a reverential status among automotive enthusiasts for nothing, right?

The EcoSport matches the racing drone in agility, outdoes it in endurance.

With an ample 100hp from the torquey 1.5-litre diesel engine on tap, the EcoSport made light work of the tight, demanding track as the drone too got off to a, well, flying start. Thanks to the grippy 205-section rubber riding on the 16-inch alloy wheels, paired with the EcoSport’s characteristically Ford handling prowess, the drone was never truly out of sight, although it did gain a noticeable lead by mid-way through the 10-lap race.

“5,000rpm? Try 30,000!” says the drone.

While relentless in its pursuit of victory, the EcoSport hadn’t lost sight of its real-world practicality. This meant that it would clock quicker times with every passing lap, while also keeping its driver comfortable, connected and safe – you just can’t go wrong with 6 airbags, ABS, EBD and ESC, right?

Drone’s controls are quite complex; EcoSport’s steering is simple and precise!

 Ultimately, though, it was the EcoSport that won the top honours for the day. The racing drone, while immensely capable, also has a ridiculously short flying range – under 10 minutes! This meant that the drone had to make a safe landing and retreat exactly on the last lap, while the EcoSport had enough fuel – and zest – to set off on a long weekend trip as it raced to the finish. Or shall we call it a flying finish?

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