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Sponsored feature: Tata's Contenders

8th Aug 2017 5:57 pm

Tata Motors has evolved. The Tiago and Tigor are proof of that. Here’s why these two cars deserve serious consideration from all car buyers.


Game Changers

Tata Motors delivers two hits in a row. Thoughtful, stylish design, incredible practicality, comfort and excellent pricing make the Tiago and Tigor serious players in their respective segments. 

Level up
The Tiago set off something new in the Indian auto market. It was the start of a whole new era for Tata Motors. It even broke away from the design language that was uniquely Tata for many years. But that doesn’t mean that Tata cars would be any more conventional looking. Not at all. Its new design language is called Impact for a reason. The design language is based on the impression formed on prospective customers within the first 20 seconds of viewing a car. Tata cars based on this design language will feature appealing cabin-to-body ratios, best-in-class size, driver centric layouts, and cleverly designed in-cabin storage spaces.

The result of all this was plain to see. The market responded with enthusiasm. Tata Motors had leveled up. Its efforts were being appreciated. Everything it had done to get here was done right.

On the right path
Tata Motors embraced innovation. It now has R&D centres in Pune, South Korea, Italy and the UK. These centres employ over 4500 engineers, scientists and technicians that work to create innovations that help Tata Motors stand out in a crowd. They’re understanding what people need from their cars and addressing those needs. The engines, vehicle design, interiors and safety features in Tata cars today are efficient, stylish, smart and make driving an absolute pleasure.

The next round
Tata Motors is committed to this new, innovative and exciting path. It’s challenging and besting established players, rewriting what were considered to be rules, and blazing a radical, stylish trail. Both the Tiago and Tigor are excellent examples of that. Let’s take a look at how well the Tiago and the Tigor have been doing. 

Better than before

The Tiago AMT adds convenience to an excellent package.

Performance and refinement
There’s a Sport mode which improves the car’s responsiveness and here it feels a lot nicer to drive.

Ride and handlingThe Tiago’s suspension is supple and it irons out road imperfections really well. The ride remains flat and composed at all times. Show this car a corner and, though there’s some roll, it feels willing to change direction and inspires confidence. Even the steering is nice, light and consistent all throughout, and weighs up well with speed. The brakes offer good bite and feel as well.

The XZA variant comes equipped with convenience features like reverse parking sensors, a cooled glovebox, follow-me-home headlamps and steering-mounted controls. Then there’s the superb six-speaker Harman sound system which gets Bluetooth and supports certain dedicated mobile phone apps. Also, the Tiago gets seat belts with pre-tensioners and load limiters, and wider 175mm tyres.

Space and practicality
The front seats are really well-shaped and supportive; cushioning, though, is a bit soft. At the rear too, the seat is designed well and there’s good legroom and kneeroom. The Tiago is wider than the WagonR, so it can accommodate an occasional third rear passenger. There are several practical storage areas in the cabin including bottle holders and luggage hooks. Also, at 242 litres, the Tiago has the larger boot.

The quality of plastics and materials in most areas of the cabin are very impressive. In fact, the textured materials on the dashboard and knitted roof liner feel so premium, they can easily pass muster in a more expensive car. Even the small-sized steering is great to use. Also, there are plenty of clever cubby areas for storage. The black and gray colour theme however, makes the cabin feel a bit dark.

Ride comfort, equipment, well-appointed cabin.

Convenience of AMT makes Tiago an even more substantial package.

Bringing style back

The Tata Tigor is not a compact sedan. It is a styleback. It’s great looking, packed with features and very comfortable. Here’s how it did when it was put to the test in ‘Still want that hatchback?’

Introducing the Tigor
The new car here is the Tata Tigor, which is in the limelight due to the value it offers.

What is it like to drive?
The Tata’s engine is quicker to respond and driving in the city is stress-free. As long as you’re in City mode, the car is effortless to drive around town too, even if you’re in a higher gear at a low speed.

What’s nice is that closer to its redline, the white needle turns red, and that’s quite cool. The clutch is nice and light, and the gear throws are smooth but a bit long. The steering is small and very light at low speeds, although it gains weight with speed to inspire confidence.

The Tigor comes with a multi-drive mode too – Eco and City. And the car is marginally more fuel efficient at 10.4kpl in the city.

The Tigor has an edge when it comes to a comfortable ride in the city. It absorbs bumps and road imperfections really well.

The Tigor’s brakes stop the car from 80kph in a shorter distance of 27.97m.

What is it like inside?
The Tata Tigor’s cabin gets a black and grey theme. What’s really impressive is the quality of the textured plastics and other bits inside. The fabric door pads, piano black inserts on the dashboard, chrome door handles and the touchscreen, all add to the premium feel. Its seats are well-shaped and supportive.

However, the Tigor’s 420-litre boot is the largest compared to all its competitors.

Equipment and safety
However, the Tata Tigor also gets 15-inch alloy wheels, a touchscreen infotainment system with a fantastic Harman-developed eight-speaker sound system, a reversing camera and sensors, a multi-drive mode (City and Eco) and a cooled glovebox.

Not only does it have the requisite dose of premium and convenience features, it also comes with nicer interiors, a larger boot capacity and lighter controls that make it very easy to live with on a daily basis. The car has a very comfy ride and if that doesn’t impress you, its looks surely will. If you are on a budget, this could be the ideal sedan for you.

Excerpt from ‘Compact Impact’ published in Autocar India, July 2017.

“This is a car that’s punching above its weight, taking on rivals from at least a sub-segment higher. See it in that light and keep in mind its bargain price tag and the little Tata makes a big impression. It is comfortable, doesn’t come across as a compromise in the areas of ride and handling, and the cabin is plush too.

Like all Tatas, starting from the Zest, the Tigor offers a really good steering. It feels lightest in town but also weighs up predictably at speed. There’s a well-oiled smoothness to it and that makes it really nice to use. You get a good sense of connection with the car and, even though there is a fair amount of body roll in fast corners, the grippy Bridgestone tyres inspire plenty of confidence. The chunky tyres also complement the suspension to soften the blow on really bad roads. Over really big potholes, there is a bit of road shock that shudders through to the steering wheel, but, on the whole, the Tigor rides well and feels planted."

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