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Sponsored feature: Next-gen Hyundai Verna

27th Dec 2017 11:41 am

Hyundai talks about how the Verna is a class apart.



The new Verna is built on the Superbody Structure, using advanced high-strength steel that empowers the car with superior handling, safety and NVH levels.

The extensive use of advanced high-strength steel provides it with a higher level of structural rigidity, which in turn improves the amount of road feedback available to the driver. The Superbody Structure also allows key suspension components to be tuned more precisely; this improves the new Verna’s cornering stability and allows it to be handled more precisely. 

The Superbody Structure also improves the NVH levels of the new Verna, making for a quieter and more refined driving experience.


Sometimes, two hands are just not enough. Our hands have to carry, move, hold, type and touch – sometimes all at the same time. In moments like that, it’s good to have some help. The new Verna comes with a segment-first Smart Trunk,  a unique feature that makes loading and unloading the Verna’s trunk that much easier.

The new Verna’s hands-free Smart Trunk is armed with sensors that are always on the lookout for the car’s Proximity Key fob. When it senses that the fob is within three feet behind the car for three seconds or longer, it understands that you need some help and pops open the bootlid for you. The Smart Trunk, as mentioned before, is a segment-first feature in the new Verna.

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