• Shapur Kotwal , deputy editor of Autocar India,  gives aw...
    Shapur Kotwal , deputy editor of Autocar India, gives away the award for the ‘MPV of the Year’.
  • Auto Awards 2016, ‘MPV of the Year’: Renault Lodgy.
    Auto Awards 2016, ‘MPV of the Year’: Renault Lodgy.
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Sponsored feature: MPV of the Year - Renault Lodgy

23rd Mar 2016 10:36 am

The Renault Lodgy was awarded the title of 'MPV of the Year' at the Autocar India Awards 2016.


The Autocar Awards Methodology.

Ever since its inception in 2002, the Autocar Awards have only grown bigger, better and even more prestigious. What began with a mere eight cars in 2002 saw a line-up of 23 exciting contenders this year.

While great cars evoke strong emotions, the call to crown a car with this award cannot be made from the heart. It has to be objective, measurable and quantifiable, and needs expertise and experience. Behind the Autocar Awards is nearly 50 years of learning. Autocar UK, our sister publication, has been part of the European Car of the Year Awards that was established in 1964. And each of our jury members is an expert in evaluating cars and comes with a fair amount of experience with a wide range of cars. We are proud of the fact that the major body of our panel has remained unchanged for several years – this gives consistency to our ratings and verdicts.

Every decision by our panel of judges has been based on cold facts and hard figures. The data was acquired using Autocar India’s top-of-the- line computerised equipment and GPS systems. Each and every parameter of a car’s performance was measured and tabulated with pinpoint accuracy.

So how did we pitch a luxury SUV against a small hatch? Or a car that set our pulses racing against one that offered unparalleled fuel economy? For this, the cars were not only individually assessed but also ranked in relation to their direct market rivals. Cars were judged on fitness for purpose, one of the most important criteria, which examines how well the car does the job it was designed for and whether it lives up to the expectations of its owners. Relevance to the Indian market and whether the car would suit the lifestyles of most people in the country were some of the questions asked. Fuel efficiency, design and styling, safety features and ownership experience were among the criteria too. So, what you see is a car that moved the goalpost the most in its category. And the winner of the ‘MPV of the Year ‘ 2016, ladies and gentlemen, is the Renault Lodgy.

The Verdict

Renault seems to have wiggled into a sweet spot in the crowded MPV market with the Lodgy. It blends space, comfort, good driving dynamics and strong performance into a convincing package. As a family car, this MPV is hard to beat. It makes for a happy companion, especially on holidays, thanks to its unmatched cruising ability and long fuel range. MPVs aren’t traditionally known to drive well, but thanks to its sprightly, yet frugal 1.5-litre diesel motor, the Lodgy is a great on long highway stretches. And even in the city, its easy controls and great visibility make manoeuvring the Lodgy super easy. The ride too is extremely comfortable thanks to the suspension. You get a fair bit for your money, which makes the Lodgy reasonable value too. A combination of space, practicality, comfort and driving ease is what makes this our ‘MPV of the Year’.


Signal flair. Sculpted arrowhead-style tail-lamps add style and enhance presence.
Carry everything. Stylish roof rails add character and carry loads up to 80kg.


Seating that’s both versatile and flexible. Second and third row seats split, tumble, fold and recline as per requirement of space and comfort.


Stay cool. The piano black centre fascia with chromed AC vents and the MediaNAV console with rear-view camera display will keep you entertained and safe.




Stay protected. Dual front airbags keep occupants safe in the event of a collision.


Know it all. The 3-pod instrument cluster with multi-information display keeps you informed at all times.


A distinctive statement. The bold Renault logo and and chrome grille design gives the Lodgy a strong presence.


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