A pride of Isuzus led by a V-Cross in Sakleshpur, Karnataka.
A pride of Isuzus led by a V-Cross in Sakleshpur, Karnataka.

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2nd Jan 2020 12:19 pm

With the Isuzu V-Cross and MU-X, weekends are a perfect blend of 4x4 adventure, the great outdoors and loads of fun.


“Tank up! Because there’s lots of four-wheel-drive low-range usage over the next couple of days!” That simple announcement over the radio leads to a massive surge of adrenaline. The excitement is too much to bear. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let us tell you where we are.

We’re in an ISUZU V-Cross (the new 1.9-litre automatic), on what ISUZU calls ‘ISUZU Discoveries’. Our destination is Sakleshpur, and such drives are a treat that the Japanese utility vehicle maker offers to its adventure-loving customers. It’s on these drives that they get to spend time, for example, by a lake in the middle of nowhere barbequing their chicken dinner under a full moon. Unsurprisingly, there is camaraderie and fun, and everyone ends the trip with some new friends.

Making new friends is part of ‘Isuzu Discoveries’.

ISUZU organises these adventure weekend drives as part of its customer-engagement initiative – a gamut of drive events under the banner ‘iV League’ (ISUZU Vehicle Owners’ League).

The excitement level is always on the rise. We say that because they make sure the food is good and the fun level is high, and we kid you not.

Celebrating togetherness in the great outdoors.

The next morning, with a full tank of gas in the V-Cross, we head out into the wilderness. Sakleshpur is spectacular. There’s no phone network, so no one is staring at their phone screens. The scenery around us is amazing: green hills, blue skies, puffy white clouds. An airplane high above us leaves a long contrail etched against a clear blue sky... you get the picture.

We drive past clear mountain streams, watch wild boars grazing on a distant hilltop, have a lip-smacking locally cooked meal on a meadow, and generally ask ourselves why we rush about the way we do back in the city.

The key difference on this off-road drive (unlike the other off-road drives we have taken part in) is that everyone’s brought their families along. This is not a macho off-road trip; it’s an experience for the whole family and that’s made it extra special.

Isuzu’s weekend adventure drives involve whole families.

We also love the ease with which the V-Cross handles the gnarly trails. Simply switch to four-wheel-drive low, set the transmission to ‘Drive’, and let the clever electronics figure out all the traction issues that Sakleshpur’s gravel throws your way.

Gnarly trails are no sweat for either the Isuzu MU-X or the V-Cross.

We drive through the day through terrain and scenery that made us want to stop every few seconds to take pictures. We’d love to tell you where we went but we can’t; because we don’t know. ISUZU makes sure they take you to places that confuse Google Maps – and that is why you need to go on one of these trips. It gives you that essential time out from the daily hustle. It lets you find yourself again.

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