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Sponsored feature: Effortless Style

6th Dec 2016 5:28 pm

The all-new Nissan Terrano 6-speed advanced auto drive is here.


The Nissan Terrano was designed to dominate. Aggressive and elegant, sleek and muscular, rugged but urban, every inch of this premium compact SUV reflects the epitome of style and power. And now handling all that power has become even more effortless than before. Presenting the Nissan Terrano with 6 Speed Advanced Auto Drive and 14 new enhancements.


With the Nissan Terrano you maximise style. With the new 6 Speed Advanced Auto Drive you maximise much more. Maximise comfort as you never have the hassle of managing the clutch and changing gears. Maximise fuel efficiency as the advanced automatic systems shifts gears at just the right time. Maximise endurance by minimising the wear on the clutch disc.

Get used to attention

The Nissan Terrano doesn’t ask for attention. It just naturally commands attention. It makes its presence felt by simply showing up. With features like R16 Machined Alloy wheels, the bold Nissan Signature Chrome Front Grille, 4-Pos Design Headlamps, an energetic stance with 205mm ground clearance and attractive rear combination tail-lamps combined with its powerful looks, who can resist its charm? 

Interiors that elevate

In a Nissan Terrano you don’t ever have to do anything as basic as commute. You arrive. You don’t sit cramped or uncomfortably, you revel in luxury and space thanks to the new premium interiors. The two-tone dash, piano-blackcentre console with chrome and silver accents add a touch of class. With plenty of storage space, a rear power socket, tilt steering, and an extra-large boot, and retractable ORVMs the Terrano makes practical sense too. Very rarely does style and practicality go hand in hand like with the Nissan Terrano.

Naturally powerful

Pushing limits is easy with the Nissan Terrano, especially when you have a series of proved diesel and petrol engines churning out 85hp to 110hp combinedwithmaximum efficiency. With the Terrano, you can go further than ever before.

Built strong

Power is meaningless without the means to preserve it. The Nissan Terrano is built to keep its occupants safe. A strong monocoque body construction, ABS with EBD and Brake Assist combined with an Electronic Stability Program (ESP) ensures you always remain in control. The ESP understands when there’s a loss in steering control or traction and automatically applies the brakes to help you regain complete control.Dual front airbags and rear parking sensors built put your safety above all else. The Nissan Terrano AMT is also equipped with Hill Assist, an important feature that prevents your Terrano from rolling back while starting from an incline. It keeps you stationary for a few seconds after the brake pedal is released to give you time to accelerate and make a clean start. Driving safely just became effortless.

A presence that Dominates #CommandsRespect

The powerful presence of the Nissan Terrano is undeniable. Mix that with the comfort, practicality and ease of the 6-speed advanced auto drive and you have a combination that’s hard to beat. It’s a seamless blend of adventure, style, comfort and power. Come on over. Test-drive the Terrano and get a taste for effortless domination.

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