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Sponsored feature: BMW has a vision for the next 100 years

5th Apr 2016 10:40 pm

After 100 years of making the ultimate driving machines for Sheer Driving Pleasure, BMW shows us a glimpse of the future.


Continuous innovation. Radar, computer chips, gesture control – BMW has always been at the forefront of seamlessly integrating new technologies in the vehicles it makes. The brand’s centenary, while being a great reason to celebrate, also gives BMW the perfect opportunity to share an exciting vision of the future. 

The BMW Vision Next 100

BMW now wants to take Sheer Driving Pleasure into the future with a visionary vehicle that will make you the “Ultimate Driver”. What is the BMW Vision Next 100? It is a vehicle that is in continuous dialogue with the driver. It is a vehicle that recognises what you need to be the “Ultimate Driver”. It enhances your perceptions, adjusts to your requirements and seamlessly connects you to intelligent technologies and materials to take your driving capabilities to the next level. It is a vehicle that enables you to become the best driver you can be.

It arrives with an integrated system called the Companion, which is an intelligent assistant that heightens your senses. It learns and gets to know you, and understands your needs to deliver a better experience for you. Unobtrusive and always on, it is seamlessly connected with you and your environment, and is always ready to meet your personal needs during driving and your daily life.

Dual Mode

The future is automated. Obviously the BMW Vision Next 100 is capable of autonomous driving. Its ‘Ease Mode’ allows you to sit back, relax and catch up with whatever you want as it drives you to your destination. But BMW stands for Sheer Driving Pleasure. An exciting and emotional experience that cannot be compromised. For that, there is the ‘Boost Mode’ where you take command of the vehicle and with the support of the Companion, become the “Ultimate Driver”. 


Vehicles are under ever increasing scrutiny to measure the impact they have on the environment. The BMW Vision Next 100 embraces ecological responsibility and drives you to a sustainable future. Built from innovative materials, the BMW Vision Next 100 is designed to deliver extremely efficient performance without compromising on driver comfort, experience and safety.

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