• The Honda WR-V is an urban vehicle that is equally at hom...
    The Honda WR-V is an urban vehicle that is equally at home in the wilderness.
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Sponsored Feature: A Year Of Inspiration

29th Mar 2018 5:34 pm

See how the Honda WR-V has been inspiring people to add the wow factor to their lives for the past one year.


There are some cars you dream of And then there are some cars that make you dream.

There are some cars you dream of. And then there is the kind of car that makes you dream of exploring new places, of revisiting favourite roads, and of journeys together with the people you love. That car is the Honda WR-V.

It’s one year ago that Honda introduced the WR-V in India. Since it first hit the roads, the WR-V has been changing expectations of Indian consumers. This is a car developed in tune with the needs of the Indian customer. A car styled in harmony with the lifestyle of a new generation. This is a car engineered for Indian reality. Let’s see why so many people across the country have been wowed by the Honda WR-V.

Let’s begin with the looks. The Honda WR-V has a very distinctive silhouette. The masculine stance with sinuous, svelte lines give it a rugged, yet sophisticated demeanour. The WR-V’s raised bonnet line, sculpted bumper and high ground clearance, along with its 16-inch gunmetal-finish alloy wheels shod with broad 195mm tyres point straight to the vehicle’s rough-road capabilities. On the other hand, if you look at the headlights with their daytime-running LEDs or the L-shaped tail-lamps, they exude a design elegance in sync with modern cityscapes. This is a car that is easy on the eyes at a swish five-star parking lot as well as at a barren high-altitude mountain pass.

The best part of the Honda WR-V is that it doesn’t just look the part, but plays the part with effortless aplomb. Powering the WR-V are a choice of two potent motors – a 90PS 1.2-litre i-VTEC petrol and a 100PS 1.5-litre i-DTEC diesel – paired with five- and six-speed manual transmissions. The engines are tuned to deliver a seamless wave of power and torque while optimising fuel burn for maximum efficiency. And like all Honda engines, they guarantee adamantine reliability. So you can plan that trip to the most remote region of India with complete confidence.

It’s not just the motor that makes the WR-V a nice car to drive. Translating that power into an exhilarating experience is the steering that offers more assistance at lower speeds and, at higher speeds, is precise and offers good feedback to make it an enjoyable drive. Though the WR-V has a higher SUV-like stance, the suspension has been calibrated to contain body roll and inspire confidence at high speeds without losing the ability to absorb the worst potholes. The result is a car that panders to people who love to drive; whether it’s just around the corner or across the country.

The WR-V pampers not just the person behind the wheel but also the passengers. The spacious cabin and huge 363-litre boot will swallow up five full-size passengers and their entire luggage. There is also space for all their knick-knacks in the many strategically placed cubbyholes, cup holders and bottle holders. And due to the raised stance, entering and getting out of the car is easier for the older folks. Once inside the cabin, you are enveloped in muted luxury, with a black and chrome theme defining the aesthetics. The seats have been sculpted for comfort, with ample legroom and shoulder room.

And then there’s the sunroof which is a segment-first. Yes, the WR-V’s cabin is a special place not just because of the attentive design, quality of materials and the craftsmanship, but also for the thoughtful technology behind it. The automatic air conditioning system with a touch control panel, the engine start/stop system and the multi-functional steering wheel are just a few examples.

Just because you are on the road doesn’t mean that you have to disconnect from the world. Honda’s Digipad infotainment system finds pride of place in the top-spec WR-V. This 7.0-inch (17.7cm) touchscreen system is easy on the eye, intuitive to operate and comes loaded with features like Wi-Fi (use your smartphone as a hotspot and it will connect to it), MirrorLink smartphone integration, navigation with real-time traffic data and 1.5GB of onboard storage. Connectivity gets a boost with two USB slots, two microSD card slots and an HDMI port. It also gets a reversing camera with multi-view; this definitely helps while reversing, especially in tight spaces.

Here’s the part that is perhaps the most important one, but is yet the one that most people tend to ignore. Safety is top priority and the Honda WR-V is designed with a number of active and passive safety systems. In the event of a traffic collision, the WR-V has an ‘ACE’ up its sleeve. Honda’s Advanced Compatibility Engineering Body Structure (ACE Body Structure) is an extensively tested passive safety technology that uses strategically made crumple zones at areas that are commonly known to have difficulty remaining intact upon impact. With the ACE Body Structure, the crumple zones absorb the force of impact with the help of high-tensile steel.

Standard on all WR-V cars are a full basket of active safety features like ABS with Electronic Brake Distribution or EBD. The EBD utilises part of a vehicle’s ABS system to adjust the braking force between the front/rear and left/right wheels dependent on tyre grip. EBD offers greater braking stability under all braking conditions. The WRV is also fitted with the latest Brake Override System that cuts power to the engine in case the brake and accelerator are depressed at the same time and allow the driver to bring the vehicle to a stop. The WR-V has another line of active defense in the form of dual front airbags and impact-mitigating headrests, should the worst happen.

The result is a vehicle that blends driving excitement with peace-of-mind, fun with practicality and urban chutzpah with country ruggedness. There are some cars that are aspirational and stay as wallpapers. Then there’s a rare kind of car that’s inspirational, pushing you discover the wows of life to the fullest. Now it’s time to drive your own story with the Honda WR-V.

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